10 Perfect Job Roles For Wannabe Globe Trotters

10 Perfect Job Roles For Wannabe Globe Trotters

If you love to travel but don’t have the bank account to match your globe-trotting aspirations yet, the solution could lie in your career path.

It’s not only airline pilots who get to see the world through their choice of job role, as there are many more options you can choose from depending on your skillset.

So here are ten occupations, some more obvious and others less so, that could see you combining your work with the pleasure of traveling.

1. Historian

For those with a fascination for things of the past, there are many career choices that fall under the historian category which could call for you to dust off your passport.

If history has always been a strong subject for you, then you could put that to good use in job roles across the world. Consider anything from archaeologist to travel guide and take your expertise on the road.

Seek funding for specific history expeditions, and you could even find yourself creating your own opportunities for history-based travel.

2. Languages Teacher

There are plenty of opportunities for people who speak more than one language to teach on every continent.

Surprisingly, even if you only speak English, there are still some opportunities to teach a language abroad. For example, to teach in Japan, you do need to be educated to degree level, but you don’t actually need to be proficient in the Japanese language.

While you are away, you could perhaps learn the language of wherever you end up and broaden your traveling teacher horizons even further.

3. Musician

Whether you are a classically trained musician or an expert rock and roller, your musical expertise could see you joining orchestras or bands on tour across the globe.

Even if you aren’t musically talented yourself, you could still jump on the bandwagon by offering skills such as lighting technician, roadie, or music manager.

Whether you enjoy making music or simply listening to it, there are options for you to hit the road in this exciting industry.

4. Athlete

Elite sportspeople such as athletes are able to travel widely thanks to the number of competitions held around the world.

As well as the most well-known athletic events such as the Olympics, there are numerous small, medium, and large-sized events which can either be specific to one sporting specialty, such as a marathon race or incorporate different disciplines such as events involving running, cycling, and throwing sports.

Again, if you’re not the sporty type, you can still get involved offering your skills as a physical therapy specialist, manager, or sports psychologist, for example. 

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5. Nurse

If you are in the caring profession, you may consider seeing the world as a travel nurse. Offering general RN skills or specializing in areas such as women’s health or emergency room nurse, the role could take you wherever there is a shortage of nursing professionals.

You will be reimbursed relocation costs, benefit from higher pay and be able to continue your career as normal, even furthering your education with online courses, such as online dnp programs from Baylor University, no matter where you are based.

6. Interpreter

Another way for multi-lingual people to utilize their skills to go places is as an interpreter or translator. If you speak fluently in at least two languages, then you can put those skills to good use, interpreting and translating all over the world.

You can choose to focus on a certain area such as financial, medical, legal, or travel. It is common for an interpreter to work as a freelancer getting paid by the word, hour, or job, which gives you great flexibility on where your next work location will be.

7. Journalist

Journalism can take you to all four corners of the globe. Whether you chose to become a broadcast, print, online or photographic journalist, you can choose a niche that will get you traveling, covering anything from sport to entertainment and travel to politics.

For the fearless, you might be suited to war correspondence, but if you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, reviewing holiday destinations might be a better option, proving journalism is a very broad career choice to delve into.

8. Holiday rep

If you are a social person, always ready to help, and have a friendly and approachable disposition, then becoming a holiday rep could be a great career move.

By definition, it will get you traveling and get you paid at the same time. The job role entails looking after groups of guests on package holidays so you will need knowledge not only on practicalities such as finding their room and airport transfer information but also be able to talk to people about the local area including the culture and history of a place.

There is frequently an element of sales involved in the job, too, with holiday reps often expected to upsell additional excursions or car rental, for example.

9. Charity worker

There are some roles within the charity sector that could see you jetting off all over the world.

Whether your skills lie in marketing, campaigning, construction, project management, or something else, there are jobs to suit you in the third sector, which could offer the opportunity to travel to help with building projects, fundraising events, lobbying governments, or a host of other options.

You will also feel good that you are working for a worthwhile cause, too, providing maximum job satisfaction.

10. Bodyguard

Taking care of anyone from film stars and musicians to politicians and sporting heroes, you could see yourself traveling by their side as their bodyguard.

While having a superior level of strength and physical fitness might seem like the only attributes required for this role, bodyguards also need to be good critical thinkers, discrete, organized, and cool under pressure.

With the right experience, it can be a very lucrative career choice, but you need to accept it will likely be a high-risk role that garners the highest wages.

So if you are just setting out in life and wondering what career path to take, or you are open to a change of career to facilitate your wanderlust, take inspiration from this list and consider which jobs could really start taking you places.