Arromic shoes review: affordable & beautiful

Manu Luize
8 Min Read

I think it’s already pretty obvious how much I love shoes and once I heard about affordable shoes from Arromic, I was very curious to try them! So here’s my Arromic shoes review, showing you how the shoes really are, their prices, and their quality (and also an Arromic discount code if you want to use it for 18% off). I must say I was very surprised and in a positive way!

I was invited to choose 4 pairs of shoes from Arromic to review them and tell you my honest option about them. For my choices, I decided to try very different pairs of shoes, so I could make a complete review of the Arromic shoes website of affordable pairs and show you it all. So I went with: 2 models of slide sandals with short heels, one pair of high-heeled sandals and a pair of sneakers, so I could have a variety of styles to tell you about it all.

Let’s start by the slide sandals, because they are such a trend for this season!

Black white outfit with red handbag
Top and trousers: Femme Luxe Finery | Heels: Arromic | Handbag: Moschino | Headband: Celine

The first pair of Arromic shoes I tried was this pair of white slide sandals that are very trendy now. This pair is with short heels, which made it a comfortable pair of shoes for a day out in the city. The slide sandals with square toe are the biggest trend for this season. After such a long time with round and pointy shoes, it’s time for the square toe shape to be back in town!

I must that the Arromic shoes are very affordable, with many shoes at around $20/pair, so at first I was a bit afraid if maybe the shoes wouldn’t look nice in person, but I was positively surprised! So my Arromic review is that the shoes are affordable but actually look good in real life, as you can see from my photos. The pairs were exactly just like in the website’s photos.

Here are some details of this white slide sandals from Arromic with low heels:

White slides from Arromic
Arromic white slide sandals (U$18,89)

This pair of shoes, like the others I tried are true to size, I wear EUR 37 and they fit me perfectly. So you can feel confident when you order about the shoes’ sizes.

If you like this pair of shoes or want to shop at their website, I have an Arromic coupon code of 18% off, use the code “manuluize” and get the discount for any pair of shoes at their website.

And here’s my second trendy outfit with another pair of slide sandals by Arromic, this time I’m wearing the Square Toe Strap Slide Heels in color Apricot. This pair costs only U$16.99 and it’s comfortable and well done (as you can see in the detailed photo below).

Wide leg trousers outfit with white slides
Clothes: Femme Luxe Finery | Shoes: Arromic | Jewellery: APM Monaco

The weather is getting warmer here in Milan and I’m happy to finally be able to wear more spring/summer outfits and this apricot pair of slide sandals will definitely be key in my wardrobe this season. With low heels, it’s comfortable and in such a neutral color it goes well with so many outfits of many different colors. After all, this is one of the main advantages of a neutral pair of shoes, a must-have in any closet.

Square Toe Strap Slide Heels
Square Toe Strap Slide Heels in color Apricot (U$16,99) – I wear size EUR 37 and their sizing was perfect.

The slide sandals are great to pair with any kind of outfit, be it with a pair of trousers, but also with skirts or a pair of shorts. It’s comfortable, a neutral color, and definitely a great acquisition for your wardrobe this season. Don’t forget you can enjoy my Arromic discount code of 18% with the code “manuluize” on their website.

After so long staying home with comfortable outfits, now comfortable shoes are definitely a great choice for going out as well.

But since I wanted to try different styles of Arromic shoes, I also decided to choose a pair of high heels and I fell in love with this pair of trendy pastel blue sandals. This color is such a trend this season and I’m loving it. It’s delicate and elegant and when I saw this pair of pastel blue sandals, they had to be mine.

Cropped top & skirt set blue high heels

This model is called Double Straps Sling-back Block Heel Sandals in blue, available on the Arromic website for $23.99 (and you can enjoy 18% off with the code “manuluize”). The straps are elastic, so they feel comfortable but steady on your feet.

Also with his pair of sandals in high heels, I went with size EUR 37 and it fits well like the other pairs, so also this pair of Arromic shoes were true to size.

Blue block high heels shoes by Arromic
Double Straps Sling-back Block Heel Sandals in blue at Arromic website (U$23,99), use the code “manuluize” for 18% Off

Last but not least, I also wanted to try a pair of sneakers from their website to check if they were comfortable. And my choice was the Round Toe Lace-up Chunky Sneakers, just because since a couple of years ago I tried a pair of chunky sneakers and discovered how comfortable they can be, at the same time as being a beautiful and stylish pair of sneakers!

Shirt dress with chunky sneakers

As with any pair of sneakers, I always order one size bigger, so I went with a size EUR 38. I noticed it was also recommended at the Arromic website to order a size bigger for this pair of sneakers, which for me is a normal thing to do when I buy sneakers. So the size 38 EUR was perfect to me!

And the truth is that this pair of sneakers is really comfortable and full of style, the chunky sole makes it more comfortable being a thicker sole. My choice of color was white with silver details and you can check more details below:

Chunky snearks by Arromic
Round Toe Lace-up Chunky Sneakers (U$ 36,99) by Arromic

At the end if you’re looking for affordable shoes that look nice, I’d definitely recommend you the Arromic website. In real life the shoes were just like on the photos, they all looked really nice and seem to be well done. They were also packed really well in the boxes and arrived perfect to my house. So quality for an affordable price is definitely a great match.

If you want to shop Arromic shoes, enjoy 18% off with my code “manuluize” at the Arromic website.