How to Choose the Perfect Types of Nose Jewelry for Your Face Shape

Manu Luize
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Jewelry doesn’t just accentuate your best features. It has tons of other benefits like boosting self-confidence, showing off your personality, and making any look sophisticated and flashy. A nose ring is a great way to take your accessory game to the next level.

There are many types of nose jewelry, and it’s important to get something that works well with your face shape. Read on to learn how to select the right piece for your piercing.

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Studs: The Nose Pin for Everyone

Some nose piercing options look awesome with every face type. One of the most popular is a small stud nose pin.

Often, these will be tiny diamonds. These timeless classics are subtle and sophisticated. They go well with anything and are elegant on every occasion, be it casual, professional, or black-tie.

Some nose stud options are made with different-colored stones. Rubies, sapphires, garnets, aquamarine, topaz, and emerald are some options that will add a gorgeous pop of color to your face. You can choose the stone you like based on the predominant hue of your wardrobe.

Tiny metal studs also look great, whether you want them to be gold, rose gold, or silver. You can also get small pearl studs that will shine brightly regardless of your face shape.

Studs can make for unique nose rings that go with anything. These subtle options are awesome choices that give you a modern but conventional look. They bring out your best features without overpowering your appearance.

For Round Faces

However, studs are far from your only option. Round faces tend not to have a lot of planes and angles. Many people use vertical-oriented nose rings to give their faces the appearance of length.

These vertical nose piercings are often small bars. They may be slender pinlike objects that go vertically through one nostril.

However, others attach to the nostril piercing more like an earring would. These nose rings have a long body that may be thicker than just a small and unadorned bar. You can have vertical-oriented rings with gemstones in them, a wider girth, multiple hues, and more.

For Those With Large Noses

If you have a large nose, there are some awesome nose ring options out there for you. Small diamonds are a great choice because of how much they shine. Your bigger nose will look like a canvas for art, and the shimmer will draw attention away from its size.

But you might also be interested in a septum piercing. These go in the middle of your nose between your nostrils. They’re symmetrical.

Using septum rings can make the gap between your nostrils look a bit narrower. Plus, since there are so many options available, you’re sure to find something you love. You can get a small bar or something big with tons of colors on it.

For Heart-Shaped Faces

People with heart-shaped faces should get heavy-looking nose rings. This usually means something with a thick band or a large stud. It’ll make you look super classy by showing off the width of your nose and why it’s awesome.

Twisted nose pins are the best option here. These pins aren’t straight vertical but instead curve inward for a hoop-like look. They’re not full-on hoops, but they also add some texture to your nose jewelry aesthetic.

Think about getting something with screw diamonds or another stone in this shape. Rings that look like curved florals or vines are also ideal here.

For Oval Faces

If you have an oval face, you’re in luck: you can wear a nose chain and look awesome while doing it. Find a totally round ring that has a chain attached in the same color as its metal.

You’ll put the ring itself around your septum. Some of these chain rings require a septum piercing, but others just clip on. The hook at the end of the chain will go through the piercing in your nostril.

A lot of the best nose chain options feature little ornaments on the rings. You can get small beads hanging off the bottom or diamonds encrusted in its center. Do your research and you’ll eventually find something you love.

If you don’t like the idea of a chain, oval faces also look great with round rings through one nostril. The round shape will make the length of your face softer. It’ll accentuate your best features.

For Sharp Faces

If you have an angular face, you’re likely looking for nose rings that will soften its hard edges. Segmented nose rings are perfectly round and can do just this. Their roundness complements sharp features to create great contrast and balance.

This may sound boring, but such a simple style means that there are many different types of adornment! You can choose any metal you want. Some segmented nose rings contain gemstones. Others have different engravings on their surface.

If you have a longer nose, you also might like floral-shaped segmented rings. These bring some extra softness to your face with petal-like embellishments so you can feel delicate and beautiful.

Beyond the Different Types of Nose Jewelry

Now that you know how to choose the types of nose jewelry that will work best with your face shape, it’s time to get started.

There are tons of awesome ways to accessorize and express yourself, so do your research and learn the basics of jewelry and style. Check out the fashion menu on our website to start getting all the information you need to look and feel confident.

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