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Mademoiselle da Chanel, a campanha

Foram divulgadas as primeiras imagens da campanha das bolsas Mademoiselle da Chanel.

As fotos foram feitas por Karl Lagerfeld com o novo rosto das bolsas Mademoiselle, Blake Lively (Ah, cadê o Baptiste Giabiconi, Karl?). Reconhece o cenário? A famosa escada e os espelhos da Maison Chanel.

Here are some photos from the new campaign of Mademoiselle Chanel bags.

The photos are by Karl Lagerfeld and the new Mademoiselle face Blake Lively (What happened to Baptiste Giabiconi, Karl?). Do you recognise this place? It’s the famous stair and mirrors at Maison Chanel.

[imagebrowser id=28]

O que acharam? Acham que a Blake Lively combina com a Chanel?

What do you think of Blake for Chanel? Does she match Chanel? Is it a try to attract  younger costumers?