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Cosy winter outfits

3 Winter Outfits to feel chic and cosy

I really like winter outfits, specially when they can be chic and cosy at the same time! So I styled 3 different winter outfits for this season that can be chic with two jumpsuits and a chic and casual outfit with a warm jumper. By now I think if you know me, you know I...

Moving out

Tips for Moving Away From Home

When someone is a young adult, there are a lot of significant life events that will take place over the course of a few years. There are many things to look forward to and get excited about from graduating school or college. Of course, these few years aren’t exactly going to be easy. There will...

Beauty tips

6 Beauty Tips That Every Woman Should Hear

As a woman, you probably spend a great deal of time trying to look the best version of yourself. You take time to make sure your hair is styled just right, you probably invest in expensive skin creams, and have tried every makeup trick out there. Of course, there are other things that you will...

boho style

Bohemian Wardrobe Must-Haves

The Bohemian style is all about funky patterns, whimsical, floaty fabrics, and artful layering. More than just a fashion trend, it is a way of life and reflects a free-spirited attitude. While the Boho style is among the all-time favorite aesthetics, it can be tricky to pull off.  Here’s the guide to the six must-have...

Fall outfits

3 key pieces that go from summer to fall

Here are 3 outfits I wore in the last weeks to inspire you with 3 items that will go from summer to fall/winter in your wardrobe. I love skirts and dresses and these 3 outfits are with some of my favourite skirts for this new season! The great thing about neutral skirts is that you...

Arkana Enzymatic Peel review

Enzymatic Peel by Arkana Skincare (full review)

I’ve been trying the Enzymatic Peel by Arkana Skincare for almost two months now every week, and I must share it because I’ve been loving this enzymatic peel/exfoliator! It’s gentle and it makes the skin renew easy at home, leaving the skin super soft and smooth. First of all, let me just remember the 3...

Beauty Products for sensitive skin

Top Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin in 2021

Dryness, itchiness, and redness are just some of the problems faced by those with sensitive skin. It is not easy to find products that can work on sensitive skin, without causing irritation or breakouts on the skin. Some people even treat their sensitive skin with DIY face masks because they are afraid of the chemicals...

Henua Organics Skincare

Henua Organics skincare: full review

Henua Organics Skincare is another brand I once met at a Cosmoprof, a very famous and big beauty fair here in Italy. As the name says, it’s a brand that creates organic skincare and they are more on the premium side, with nordic inspiration, as you will definitely notice from the packaging. They carry active...

Hydration Booster by Indeed Laboratories review

Skin Hydration Booster review (Indeed Laboratories)

If you’re looking for a skin hydration booster that actually works, here’s my full review of the Hydration Booster by Indeed Laboratories and why I’m loving this product! I had this hydration booster for a while and had used it once in a while when I felt I needed more skin hydration, but it was...

Lili Fairy review

LILI FAIRY REVIEW: Summer outfits

Summer is here and fresh and cute summer outfits are a must for this summer, I shopped for the first time for the clothes from a website called Lili Fairy, and here’s my Lili Fairy review and some discount code for you to shop there too. My first choice was this cute mint green skirt...