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Top 4 Unusual Gift Ideas

In life, there is always that one person who seems to have everything. As you probably know, these people are incredibly difficult to buy for, and it is easy to be filled with dread whenever a special occasion pops up. A great gift doesn’t need to break the bank, nor do you have to scour...

Manu luize - Femme Luxe review

2 Neutral colors outfits

Who doesn’t love a neutral color outfit? They are great for so many occasions, after all a neutral color item goes well with anything! So my inspiration for these two outfits was beige and black, but being someone who loves some glam in an outfit, I ended up adding also a gold outfit. 😉 Both...

Arromic shoes review

Arromic shoes review: affordable & beautiful

I think it’s already pretty obvious how much I love shoes and once I heard about affordable shoes from Arromic, I was very curious to try them! So here’s my Arromic shoes review, showing you how the shoes really are, their prices, and their quality (and also an Arromic discount code if you want to...

10 Perfect Job Roles For Wannabe Globe Trotters

10 Perfect Job Roles For Wannabe Globe Trotters

If you love to travel but don’t have the bank account to match your globe-trotting aspirations yet, the solution could lie in your career path. It’s not only airline pilots who get to see the world through their choice of job role, as there are many more options you can choose from depending on your...

3 Spring outfits

3 Spring outfits to wear now

So the spring is here and we finally can have a little more freedom to leave the house and enjoy the good weather, with beautiful spring outfits! Since being so long at home and without being able to travel much, I’ve been enjoying my weekends to do some day trips around Milan to visit new...

Teenager skincare

Tips for Teens: How to Look and Feel Your Best

Everyone wants to look and feel their best, but it is not always easy, especially if you have a lot of stress in your life. With school, extracurricular activities, family life, and friendships, you may struggle to focus on beauty and self-care. Fortunately, by introducing a few new habits, you will soon be looking and...

Manu Luize - Femme Luxe outfits

2 April Outfits

While the weather is still a bit crazy here in Milan, with some days when it looks like spring and others still like winter, here are two new outfits from the month of April! My first outfit is still a bit on the winter side: a sweater and black leather joggers, which are quite a...

Fillerina Colour matte foundation

Fillerina Colour 12HA Matte Foundation Review

Filler effect with colour and good coverage? Well, that’s the Fillerina Colour 12HA Matte Foundation and here you can check my full review of this foundation and why I’m loving it! It’s a mixture of treatment and foundation in the same product! It’s a colored filler effect treatment containing the 12 hyaluronic acids with a...

Rug size for living room

Rug size for living room with Sukhi

If you’re decorating your living room, you’re probably thinking what’s the right rug size for living room, right? I have recently moved to a new house and while decorating my living room, I was thinking about that a lot, so I decided to create a guide about it and now I share with you all the...

End of winter outfits

End of the winter outfits

Now that the end of the winter is arriving, it’s time to think about end of the winter outfits! So here you will find four new outfits that represent this time of the year to me! The first outfit is another loungewear set, because of the actual situation that we are still a lot of...