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6 Beauty Tips That Every Woman Should Hear

As a woman, you probably spend a great deal of time trying to look the best version of yourself. You take time to make sure your hair is styled just right, you probably invest in expensive skin creams, and have tried every makeup trick out there. Of course, there are other things that you will...

Arkana Enzymatic Peel review

Enzymatic Peel by Arkana Skincare (full review)

I’ve been trying the Enzymatic Peel by Arkana Skincare for almost two months now every week, and I must share it because I’ve been loving this enzymatic peel/exfoliator! It’s gentle and it makes the skin renew easy at home, leaving the skin super soft and smooth. First of all, let me just remember the 3...

Beauty Products for sensitive skin

Top Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin in 2021

Dryness, itchiness, and redness are just some of the problems faced by those with sensitive skin. It is not easy to find products that can work on sensitive skin, without causing irritation or breakouts on the skin. Some people even treat their sensitive skin with DIY face masks because they are afraid of the chemicals...

LED Light Therapy mask

LED Light Therapy Mask

New beauty treatment at home: the LED light therapy mask has become more and more common and now this type of treatment can be done at home too, and no longer just in beauty clinics.I tested this LED light therapy mask for several months and now I can tell you more details, my opinion after...

Fillerina Colour matte foundation

Fillerina Colour 12HA Matte Foundation Review

Filler effect with colour and good coverage? Well, that’s the Fillerina Colour 12HA Matte Foundation and here you can check my full review of this foundation and why I’m loving it! It’s a mixture of treatment and foundation in the same product! It’s a colored filler effect treatment containing the 12 hyaluronic acids with a...

Pixi highlighter palette: Rachh loves Pixi

Pixi highlighter palette: Rachh loves Pixi review

It’s been quite a while I have a new favourite highlighter and it’s from a Pixi highlighter palette: the Rachh loves Pixi palette. This palette is called The Layers Highlighting Palette. Since I first had my eyes on the “Tee” colour of this highlighter palette, it was love at first sight. After I tried it,...

Easy nail art tutorial

Easy nail art tutorial

If you love an easy nail art tutorial, this one is for you! Even if you don’t have any experience with nail art, I found something called water nail decals, which makes our lives much easier! They are like a temporary tattoo for our nails, it’s so easy to apply to create beautiful nail art...

Tips on clip-in remy hair extensions

Tips for taking care of your Clip in Remy Hair Extensions

Real human hair extensions are much more delicate than synthetic hair. It is important that you follow the proper procedures for keeping them in good shape.  The washing routine only takes a few minutes; you can even do it before going to bed. With a regular maintenance plan, it is easy to promote a long life...