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Fillerina Colour matte foundation

Fillerina Colour 12HA Matte Foundation Review

Filler effect with colour and good coverage? Well, that’s the Fillerina Colour 12HA Matte Foundation and here you can check my full review of this foundation and why I’m loving it! It’s a mixture of treatment and foundation in the same product! It’s a colored filler effect treatment containing the 12 hyaluronic acids with a...

Makeup mirror with lights - Simple Human

Makeup mirror with lights and Alexa by Simple Human (Review)

Much more than a makeup mirror with lights, this is my review of the Simple Human makeup mirror with lights and Alexa build-in! Just this mirror is so worth having by itself, but all Alexa features make it even better! I’m talking about the Simple Human Sensor Mirror Hi Fi, which is much more than...

Pixi highlighter palette: Rachh loves Pixi

Pixi highlighter palette: Rachh loves Pixi review

It’s been quite a while I have a new favourite highlighter and it’s from a Pixi highlighter palette: the Rachh loves Pixi palette. This palette is called The Layers Highlighting Palette. Since I first had my eyes on the “Tee” colour of this highlighter palette, it was love at first sight. After I tried it,...

Easy nail art tutorial

Easy nail art tutorial

If you love an easy nail art tutorial, this one is for you! Even if you don’t have any experience with nail art, I found something called water nail decals, which makes our lives much easier! They are like a temporary tattoo for our nails, it’s so easy to apply to create beautiful nail art...

Tips on clip-in remy hair extensions

Tips for taking care of your Clip in Remy Hair Extensions

Real human hair extensions are much more delicate than synthetic hair. It is important that you follow the proper procedures for keeping them in good shape.  The washing routine only takes a few minutes; you can even do it before going to bed. With a regular maintenance plan, it is easy to promote a long life...

Neuro Sensi Mask by Arkana

Neuro Sensi Mask by Arkana Skincare (Full Review)

I tried the Neuro Sensi Mask by Arkana Skincare, a night face mask for sensitive skin and now you can check my full review about it. The Neuro Sensi Mask is part of a new line of products by Arkana, a polish skincare brand that I already tried some products before (and that I loved!),...

Hydrating Milky Cleanser by Pixi

Hydrating Milky Cleanser – Pixi (Review)

I’ve been using the Hydrating Milky Cleanser by Pixi Beauty for about 3 months, so I think it’s safe to say I really liked this facial cleanser! I mean, I even forgot to try other cleansers I had in stock to try and review. 🙈 First thing I should say, I have combination/oily skin and...

Eyelash curler with heat

Eyelash curler with heat (Anlan review)

Have you ever heard of an eyelash curler with heat and always wondered if it really works? So I have good news: it works! I tested an Eyelash curler with heat by the brand Anlan, which’s called Electric Eyelash Curler and I really liked the final effect on my eyelashes! Check out my full review...

X-ingredients Labo Suisse review

X-Ingredients Labo Suisse: a full review

X-Ingredients Labo Suisse is a line of personalized skincare in which you can do a combination of different active ingredients to create something specific to your skin needs. Developed by Labo Suisse, a Swiss skincare brand, this new line makes personalized cosmetics easy to do at home and to adapt to your skin. I tried...

Soothing gel Aloe Vera by SNP

Soothing gel Aloe Vera by SNP (Review)

The first time I saw a soothing gel Aloe Vera I thought it could be such a cool texture for a body product! Something I haven’t tried before and that I was so excited to try. It was a couple of years ago when my sister went to Hong Kong and I made a list...