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2 April Outfits

While the weather is still a bit crazy here in Milan, with some days when it looks like spring and others still like winter, here are two new outfits from the month of April! My first outfit is still a bit on the winter side: a sweater and black leather joggers, which are quite a...

Fillerina Colour matte foundation

Fillerina Colour 12HA Matte Foundation Review

Filler effect with colour and good coverage? Well, that’s the Fillerina Colour 12HA Matte Foundation and here you can check my full review of this foundation and why I’m loving it! It’s a mixture of treatment and foundation in the same product! It’s a colored filler effect treatment containing the 12 hyaluronic acids with a...

Rug size for living room

Rug size for living room with Sukhi

If youโ€™re decorating your living room, youโ€™re probably thinking whatโ€™s the right rug size for living room, right? I have recently moved to a new house and while decorating my living room, I was thinking about that a lot, so I decided to create a guide about it and now I share with you all the...

End of winter outfits

End of the winter outfits

Now that the end of the winter is arriving, it’s time to think about end of the winter outfits! So here you will find four new outfits that represent this time of the year to me! The first outfit is another loungewear set, because of the actual situation that we are still a lot of...

5 Top Tips to Travel for a Special Event

5 Top Tips to Travel for a Special Event

Although it is traditional to stay at home for special events and annual holidays, air travel is now easier than ever before, and this leads many families to decide to celebrate abroad. Not only can this help you to break the monotony of traditional celebrations, but it can also allow you to relax and enjoy...

water garden

4 Amazing Water Garden Ideas to Try

If you are looking to spruce up your water garden, or wanting to try and create a new one, there are many accessories and ideas to help you achieve this. Water gardens are great additions to your backyard, and can create a sense of tranquility and calm.  What is a water garden? At its most...

10 Loungewear sets by Femme Luxe Finery

Loungewear haul by Femme Luxe Finery

Since it’s loungewear season again, I decided to make a haul of 10 loungewear sets and outfits to inspire you! During these times, a loungewear set is never too much for staying cosy at home, but in style. This pink loungewear set is my new addition to my super cute staying home outfits. It’s made...

Sofa 2 seater Alice by Diiiz

Sofa 2-Seater Alice by Diiiz in modern living room

A sofa is definitely a centerpiece in a living room and I was looking for a sofa 2-seater for my new house, that’s when I found Diiiz website and fell in love with their decor pieces! So it was not different when I browsed through their different models of 2-seater sofas and found the perfect...

Pixi highlighter palette: Rachh loves Pixi

Pixi highlighter palette: Rachh loves Pixi review

It’s been quite a while I have a new favourite highlighter and it’s from a Pixi highlighter palette: the Rachh loves Pixi palette. This palette is called The Layers Highlighting Palette. Since I first had my eyes on the “Tee” colour of this highlighter palette, it was love at first sight. After I tried it,...