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Soothing gel Aloe Vera by SNP

Soothing gel Aloe Vera by SNP (Review)

The first time I saw a soothing gel Aloe Vera I thought it could be such a cool texture for a body product! Something I haven’t tried before and that I was so excited to try. It was a couple of years ago when my sister went to Hong Kong and I made a list...


Eucerin Complete Repair Moisturizing Lotion (Review)

A good body moisturizer is always important in our body care routine and for those of you who have or are facing a very dry skin, I tried the Eucerin Complete Repair Moisturizing Lotion, an intensive moisturizing lotion with 10% urea and I’ve been loving it!I have been really liking Eucerin products for a few...


Dermadoctor K P Duty Body Scrub Review

I tried out the Dermadoctor’s body scrub, the K P Duty Body Scrub, do you know when you use a product and you’re all excited and wondering where it’s been all your life? I have been using this body scrub and it was like that, I am loving the product and considering it to be...