Soothing gel Aloe Vera by SNP (Review)

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The first time I saw a soothing gel Aloe Vera I thought it could be such a cool texture for a body product! Something I haven’t tried before and that I was so excited to try.

It was a couple of years ago when my sister went to Hong Kong and I made a list of skincare and body products that I’d love to try so she could buy them for me. And this soothing gel with aloe vera by SNP brand was one of the products I first tried from there.

• Review: Soothing gel Aloe vera by SNP

Soothing gel Aloe Vera - SNP (review)

The first time I saw a soothing gel Aloe vera I thought it could be such a cool texture for a body product! At that time, this kind of texture wasn’t so common (and I think it still isn’t so common here), this gel texture looks like a hair gel texture!

This texture makes this soothing gel with aloe vera a very fresh product and that’s why I’m loving to “rediscover” it this summer.

Soothing gel Aloe Vera

SNP is a Korean beauty brand that creates, of course, K-beauty products, and this soothing gel seems to be just one of their long list of products, but I haven’t tried any other products from this brand yet.

But getting back at my review of the Soothing gel Aloe vera by SNP, I really liked this product! And here’s why:

The Soothing gel Aloe vera by SNP has 97% of Aloe Vera in its formula and it has two main goals: to moisturize the skin and to refresh it after UV light exposure during the day.

That’s why it’s specially a great product for the body during the summer, not only because it will refresh your skin after sun exposure, but also it will calm your skin.

Aloe Vera is used in many after sun exposure products because it can soothe the skin, calm swelling and stimulate circulation.

Soothing gel Aloe Vera texture

On the photo above, you can check the product texture on the left and my skin just after I applied this gel on the right image.

This body gel has a light texture and it’s quickly absorbed by the skin. It also doesn’t leave your skin feeling “sticky”, which is a great thing special when it’s a warm day.

When you apply it, you definitely have a refreshing feeling on the skin and once it’s absorbed by the skin, you can feel it smoother and with a nice texture.

So I’ll be definitely using it more during this summer, especially because the weather can be quite warm over here.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the price of this product since I had it for quite a while now. But overall, I definitely think it’s an interesting product to try and that I will probably continue to use for a long time!

I tried to look for it online in Europe or the US, but I only found some similar ones that you could find online if you’re looking for a soothing gel with aloe vera:

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