25 Red Hair Color Ideas to inspire you

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Red hair has been inspiring a lot of people! And if you want to go for a gorgeous red hair color, I have picked 25 red hair ideas and photos to inspire you in this not-so-usual hair color

25 Red hair color ideas & Photos

Red hair can be done in many shades, from the lightest to the darkest, there’s always a shade to please one of you and every style, the important is to always adapt the right color to each skin tone.
Thinking about the red shade that matches your specific skin tone is the most important step when choosing a hair color for you. Then looking for some inspiration and ideas from hair color photos is always very useful to choose the final color for your new look.

Cabelos ruivos

photo: @marimaria

Another very important information to adhere to red hair is to remember, as in any other hair coloring, your hair will need a lot of care and you’ll need to treat your hair well before, during the process and after the coloring process, to keep your hair healthy and always beautiful.
I classified the pictures of red hair ideas between shades of lighter, brighter, and darker hair colors, so you can choose the color that you like best and pick your favorite one for your new hair change.

Red hair color: light shades

Among the light red hues is the famous “strawberry blonde”, a light reddish-blonde hair color that has been very successful among several celebrities and is a hair color that creates a mixture between a redhead and a very delicate blonde hair color.
Strawberry blonde ruivos
Strawberry blonde - cabelo ruivo
Cabelos ruivos - Marina Ruy Barbosa
Options for red in lighter hues are very delicate and they are also the choice of many celebrities who had their hair dyed red or even were born as natural redheads:

Cabelos ruivos foto
Another trend is the so-called nude red hair, a redhead tone that is actually created with a certain basis in the person’s natural hair, creating a perfect shade for each skin tone, that’s why it can vary from person to person as it is created according to the natural color of your hair.
Cabelos ruivo nude
Cabelo ruivo nude

Get inspired by some other red hair ideas in light shades of red hair:
Cabelos ruivos lindos
Cabelos ruivos claro
Cabelos ruivos claros

Red Copper Hair Color

Another option for red is the red copper shades, which is also a lovely option for those who want to get red hair, and copper-toned hair is also very elegant.

Cabelos ruivos - Mari Maria

Cabelos ruivos: fotos

Cabelo ruivo acobreado
Cabelo ruivo longo e acobreado
Cabelos ruivos: Emma Stone
Cabelos ruivos: acobreado foto

photo: @byjessicamello

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Bright Red Color ideas

For those who want statement red hair, brighter shades are the best hair color idea to go for.
Cabelos ruivos: Blake Lively
Among the celebrities who have already gone red hair, Blake Lively and Emma Stone are definitely on top of the list of celebrities with red Hollywood hair.
Cabelos ruivos: cor viva
Cabelo ruivo: vermelho

photo: @bodmonzaid

Cabelos ruivos: fotos de inspiração

Dark Red Hair Color ideas

As with all different hair colors, red hair can also be done in darker shades for those who prefer this type of hair color. Some shades of deep red hair look gorgeous on deep skin tones.
Cabelos ruivos escuros
As with any coloring, especially if your hair needs to be discolored, you’ll need extra care to make it healthy, strong, and beautiful all the time! So, do not forget to take good care and frequently do hair treatments, the best tip is to always invest in quality products with great ingredients that will help your hair to recover from the coloring process and to maintain the health of your hair.

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