30 Amazing Long Haircuts for Women

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Did you notice that long haircuts for women are back in fashion and trending? After a while when the short haircut was a big trend, it was time for the long hair to come back! Several celebrities and it-girls are wearing their hair longer, if you’re also thinking about wearing your hair long, I’ve separated 30 long haircuts for women that are absolutely amazing, so you can get inspiration for choosing your new haircut!

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Long haircut for women

Haircuts for long hair can be super varied: with layers, bangs, blunt ends, asymmetrical, or in many other ways, the options are numerous. I’ve divided the long haircuts into 3 different styles to inspire you, so everything is more organized.
Long hair can bring you some advantages over short hair: they allow you to do more hairstyles, especially those that require more hair length, but on the other hand: they also need to be well-taken care of to be beautiful in the whole hair length of the hair! Another advantage is when you want to do that classic look with voluminous hair alla Gisele Bündchen, a long hair is perfect for that!

By no means does it mean that you can’t look amazing with short hair, of course, you can! After all, we can look and be whatever we want, whenever we want! But now it’s time to talk about long haircuts!

• Long hair cuts for women:

• Long layered haircuts:

Long layered haircuts - Chiara Ferragni

photo: Chiara Ferragni

One of the trendiest haircuts for women is the long layered haircut, this haircut brings a lot of movement to the hair, leaving it in a light way that’s so beautiful. As it’s a long haircut that leaves the hair lighter, it’s great for those who have straight hair and love to curl their hair or do messy hair.
But after all, what is a layered haircut? The layered haircut can be used on both short and long hair, it means that different layers of your hair can have slightly different lengths, and it’s this difference that gives movement and lightness to the hair.

Long haircuts for women - Gisele hair

With her hair loved by so many people around the world, Gisele Bündchen also has a long layered haircut. How many hairdressers haven’t heard “I want Gisele’s hair!”? Gisele is known for this style of hair with light waves, the hair is super requested to hairdressers everywhere and, as I mentioned, this layered haircut helps to lighten the hair to create the famous Gisele’s waves.

Long hairstyle - Blake Lively
Long haircuts - Blake Lively

Actress Blake Lively is also a fan of the long layered haircut, as are many other women around the world. This cut creates face-framing layers that are also great to add volume to the hair. It’s also a very democratic cut, because it can also be great for curly hair.

Long haircuts
Long haircuts
Women long haircuts - JLo
Long haircuts for women - Alessandra Ambrosio
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Long messy hair
30 Haircuts for long hair

• Long haircuts with bangs

Long haircuts with bangs

Long haircuts with bangs can also be super trendy and don’t have to be reserved for the youngest, as you can see in the haircut photos below even Angelina Jolie and Carla Bruni have gone through phases of long hair with bangs. If you want to go for a trendy style, you can try curtain bangs with your long hair.

Long hair with bangs - Carla Bruni

Bangs are great for a youthful long haircut for women, but it doesn’t just have to be worn only by teenagers and twentysomethings!

Long haircut with bangs - Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie also adopted bangs for the character Elise in the movie “The Tourist”, showing that long hair with bangs can also look very elegant for different ages.

Taylor Swfit - haircut with bangs

Taylor Swift is someone who loves to change her hair, but often keeps her bangs in many haircuts, like in this long straight haircut with bangs.

Long haircuts - Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz, another actress enjoying the bangs in one of the long haircuts for women to inspire you.

Haircuts with bangs
Long haircuts bangs
Haircut with bangs
Long haircut

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• Haircuts for long straight hair and blunt ends:

Haircuts for long straight hair

One of the most classic long haircuts: the long straight haircut with blunt ends has been used for many years and suits anyone looking for a more classical haircut. This haircut is done with blunt ends, so there’s no difference in the length of the hair layers, they are all the same.
This long haircut requires maintenance so that the ends always remain as blunt ends, with all the hair at the same length, so keep an eye on it so you don’t end up with some ends longer than others over time.

Long hair - Victoria Beckham
Long haircuts for women - Angelina
Long straight haircuts
straight long hair

What was your favorite long haircut for women? Do you feel inspired to choose a long haircut now?

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