Braided hairstyles: 50 Gorgeous Braids

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For parties or on the day to day life, braided hairstyles and braids are so beautiful! Sometimes they seem to be tricky to do, some may even be hard to do, but other hairstyles with braids just seem to be difficult to recreate, but they are actually very easy and simple braids to do. Since braid styles are simply beautiful, I picked 50 braided hairstyle to inspire you and several of them have tutorials that will teach you step-by-step how to make those gorgeous braids and hairstyles.

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50 Braided Hairstyles and Braids
The braided hairstyles and braids look gorgeous for any occasion, just choose the right hairstyle and the perfect braid for each occasion.
Hairstyles with looser or deconstructed braids, which are super trendy, are beautiful for day-to-day life, but nothing prevents them from being used in more informal parties or even for going out at night, like an incredibly pretty braided hairstyle for a dinner or even to go dancing with your girlfriends. The most sophisticated braids are ideal as hairstyles for parties and weddings when you can also wear accessories such as tiaras and hair pins to complete your look.
When we talk about braids and braid styles, creativity is the limit. There are so many ways to wear them and countless braided hairstyles we can do. If you have a party or you just want to wear something different on your hair for going to work or studying, the braids are definitely an amazing option.
So here are 50 Braided Hairstyles and braids: 25 of them are hairstyles for the day and 25 braids are for parties and special occasions.

• 25 Braided Hairstyles for daytime:

Braids: 50 braided hairstyles Amber Fillerup
Of the 25 braid hair ideas for the daytime, almost half of them are from Amber Fillerup, she has a blog and teaches tutorials of these incredible hairstyles with braids and always creates several beautiful braids, her blog is BareFoot Blonde. The next 11 hair photos are also hers:
Braided hairstyle on a updo | 50 Braids
2 braids: braided hairstyle
Braided hairstyle by Amber Fillerup
Braided hairstyle: Side braid
Cute braided hairstyles
Fishtail braid: 50 Braided Hairstyles
To make your braided hairstyle even more beautiful, you can add some accessories.
Get the look:

Braided Hairstyles: Pony tail
Amber Fillerup braids
Amber Fillerup - Braided hairstyles
Hairstyle with braids
Dutch braid hairstyles: Tutorial
Braided hairstyle Manu Luize
This hairstyle for the day is so easy to do, I filmed a tutorial on how to do it step-by-step (but it’s in Portuguese):

Short braided hairstyles
Dutch braid tutorial

Braids for short hair

Braided hairstyle for pixie hair

• 25 Braided Hairstyles for Parties:

Braided hairstyles for parties can be worn at a variety of parties such as weddings, graduations, sweet 16 birthdays, birthdays in general, or any other party you want to have a gorgeous hairstyle with braids.

Big braided hairstyle bun

A braided bun is always a classy and chic hair idea for formal occasions.

Just like a braided ponytail, like this hair idea that Blake Lively was wearing:

Blake Lively braided hairstyle
Braided hairstyle for brides
Braided hairstyle with pony tail
25 Party hairstyles with braids
Braided updo hairstyle
Hair accessories make a braided updo even more beautiful and elegant for parties:

Maria Menounos Hairstyle braids
Maria Menounos with a romantic braided hairstyle for the Academy Awards.
Braided hairstyles for parties
Romantic braided hairstyle
Braids for parties
Braided Hairstyles - Blake Lively
Messy hairstyle with braids
Braided bun
Fishtail braided hairstyle
Fishtail updo hair
Bride Braided Hairstyle
Wedding hairstyle with braids
Pearls Braided Hairstyle
Braided hairstyle tutorial
Blake Lively hairstyle with braids
Hairstyle with braids
Tutorial braided hairstyle
Braid into bun

Tutorial ballerine bun
Elegant braided hairstyle

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