Kerasal Introduces ‘The Kerasal Cares FootCare Campaign’ to Honor Hardworking Feet During National Footcare Awareness Month

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Kerasal, a leading brand of high-quality footcare products, proudly presents ‘The Kerasal Cares FootCare Campaign’ as a tribute to National Foot Health Awareness Month. Understanding the importance of foot health in our overall wellbeing, Kerasal aims to celebrate and reward hardworking feet.  The campaign offers individuals a chance to win footcare packages with a range of products designed to soothe, renew, and refresh feet after a long day.

The contest opens for submissions on April 8, 2024, and closes at 11:59 p.m. ET on May 5, 2024. The campaign will select three winners each week for four consecutive weeks to receive Kerasal Cares Gift Packages filled with products valued at $100. Following the completion of the four weeks, the 12 finalists will have the option to share their compelling stories with a photo showcasing for the chance to win an extra prize. From these submissions, three Grand Prize Winners will be chosen and awarded the title of Kerasal “Footcare Ambassador,” along with a $500 visa gift certificate.

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To participate in the campaign, simply visit Kerasal’s Instagram page and engage with the designated campaign post by liking, saving, and tagging two deserving friends who also deserve some footcare love. Whether you work in healthcare, education, construction, or any field that places demands on your feet, Kerasal welcomes you to share your story and benefit from their high-quality products.

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Noteworthy examples of Kerasal foot-care products include:

– Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair™ Ointment ($8.84) that delivers visible results within one day by exfoliating and moisturizing severely dry skin and cracked heels.

– Kerasal Nighttime Intensive Foot Repair Ointment ($11.99) featuring Lavender, Chamomile, and Essential Oils for overnight rejuvenation.

– Kerasal Nighttime Intensive Repair Foot Masks™ ($14.99 for a 2-pack) providing exfoliation and moisturization along with a comforting blend of essential oils.

– Kerasal Foot Therapy Soak™ ($9.97) offering hydration, softening, cleansing, and deodorizing in a single soak for ultimate foot pampering.

– Kerasal Intensive Repair Foot Peel ($24.99 for a 2-pack) enriched with Peppermint, Lavender, Argan oil, and Botanical Extracts for baby soft feet after a 60-minute treatment.

“The Kerasal line of foot care products are known for visibly improving the appearance of your feet, making them feel as healthy as they look,” says Whitney Kopp, Head of Kerasal. “We are looking forward to seeing how people spend their days better understanding the daily stressors experienced by feet and then, helping to pamper them with Kerasal products’ to care for and pamper those hard-working feet.

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