Blue Hair: 10 shades and over 45 photos

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When it comes to colored hair, blue hair tones are also highly sought after! If you’re thinking about dyeing your hair blue, I’ve gathered 10 shades of blue hair, featuring over 45 photos, along with many tips and even a video on how to dye your hair blue at home.

Pastel blue hair

Get ready to rock blue hair!
Blue tones can range from light blue, like pastel blue, to darker shades such as navy blue. In other words, if you’re considering dyeing your hair blue, choosing the color is just the first step.

The second step is choosing the shade of blue that you like the most and that will complement your style and skin tone.

Colorful hair

There’s a vast array of blue hair tones, making this color perfect for women and men seeking diverse styles. Lighter shades of blue give a delicate look, while bolder tones are for those with a strong personality who love to stand out!

In this blog article, you’ll show 10 shades and 45 photos to inspire you to choose the perfect hair color and change your look. Additionally, you’ll find tips and videos on how to change the color and dye your hair blue at home.

The Complete Guide with 10 Shades and the Best Color Combinations

To keep everything organized, I’ve separated the hair photos according to their different blue tones in different topics. Below, you’ll find the main blue hair tones that you can choose to inspire yourself, from light blue to turquoise, pastel blue, ombre blue hair, blue and pink hair photos, and even blue and green hair!

So, get ready for many inspirations to choose your perfect shade of blue!

Blue Turquoise Hair

Turquoise hair color

For those who love lighter blue tones, turquoise blue is an excellent choice! It can be a lighter/pastel turquoise (giving a more delicate look) or a vibrant turquoise hair color (making your look even bolder).

I couldn’t resist the beauty of blue hair myself! I opted for light turquoise hair to see how I would look with blue hair but with a darker root, as I thought it would look more natural on me. I’m wearing a wig in this photo, but it’s also an idea of light turquoise hair that you can inspire yourself to dye your hair.

Cabelo azul turquesa
I’m wearing a light blue hair wig in this photo.
Turquoise Hair color

Dark Blue

Ombre blue hair

For those who love a darker tone, there are also plenty of options for dark blue hair! Check out some photos of these dark blue shades that range from darker blue to navy blue.

Dark blue hair
Cabelo azul

Blue and Purple Hair

Blue and Purple Hair

A great combination for blue hair is to choose the color purple! Whether mixing with shades of purple highlights or creating part of the hair in blue and part in purple. Get inspired by the 5 photos below in a blue and purple hair mix:

Pastel blue hair and lilac
purple and blue hair
Vivid blue and purple hair

 5 Photos of Light Blue Hair

Pastel blue hair

Another beautiful shade of blue for hair is light blue or even a baby blue color. If you love lighter and pastel hair tones, this is the blue shade for you! Get inspired by this super delicate hair color!

Baby blue hair color
Short blue hair
Pastel blue hair

Blue and Pink Hair

Blue & Pink Pastel Hair

Another classic combination is pink and blue! Two very different hair colors that can look beautiful in various combinations! Whether with vibrant shades of blue and pink or the combination of these two colors in their pastel versions, both are gorgeous! And creating beautiful hairstyles with colored hair is just amazing! imagine hair like this with braided hairstyles? It would look incredible!

Check out 5 photos of this hair color combination:

Pink & blue hair
Blue hair with pink ends

Blue Ends

Blonde hair with blue ends

For those who want to add a touch of blue to their hair, one option is to think about hair with blue tips. Whether mixing blue tips with colored hair or even with more “natural” tones like blonde, brown, or even red hair.

Brow and blue colors
Black hair with blue ends
Dark blue hair

For those who want a darker shade of colored hair, navy blue can be one of the color options, and even I couldn’t resist playing with navy hair, as shown in the photo above (it’s a glueless wig).

In this photo, I’m wearing a dark blue wig.

Blue and Green Hair

Blue and green hair color

Another marvelous combination for your hair? Blue and green! An incredible combination of colorful and very unconventional hair!

Blue and green hair

Blue and green braided hairstyle
green and blue braided hairstyle
Blue and green hair

Blue Ombre Hair

Blue ombré

In gradient or colorful ombre hair, the option of subtle color changes creates elegant and stunning combinations for colorful hair!

Blue and Black Hair

Black and blue color

The last of the color combinations, but by no means less important, is blue with black, a more neutral hair color for those seeking a more subdued look.

Black & Blue hair color
Black hair with blue ends

How to Dye Blue Hair at Home [Video]

Do you love taking care of your hair and changing the color yourself? Want to know how to dye your hair blue at home? The YouTuber Avrie recorded a video showing how to dye your hair blue on your own at home, which you can watch below.

A crucial detail is that for the blue color to appear vividly in your hair if you have dark hair, you’ll need to bleach it first so that the blue dye truly shows on your hair. You’ll need to start with light-colored hair.

So, what’s your favorite shade of blue for your hair?

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