Staying home Outfits in Style

Well, here we’re again, another day in the house. So I’ve though about picking some outfits for staying  in the house, but that will be also great for going out later this spring.

Because staying at the house the whole time can get a bit (or a lot) boring, specially for who, like my self, is completely alone. So, getting a cute and stylish outfit can definitely cheer up the mood and make the staying home alone a better moment.


• 4 Staying home Outfits in Style:

So let’s start with a perfect-to-be-home outfit: a loungewear set! Nothing like a good loungewear set for staying home in a very comfortable outfit, but in an elegant way. So, take notes; nothing like a black lounge wear set to be very chic and classy at home:

Black loungewear outfit
Loungewear set: Femme Luxe Finery

Simple and elegant! But the best is that if you need to go out and run some errands, you can style this black loungewear set with some jewellery, comfy flats or even (why not) a pair of comfy high heels. Since I was just relaxing home during the weekend, I didn’t wear any accessories, but accessories would make this set perfect for going out of the house or even if you need to do any video call:

Black Loungewear set

I mean, how would have ever said that the Spring 2020 main trend would be loungewear? Well, that’s definitely a good time to enjoy this style of clothes! Nothing like being cosy in style at home.


Another option of outfit that goes very well for staying at home is getting a super cute long sleeve top and match it with a pair of lounger wear trousers. I mean, this top will also look great with a pair of jeans or even with some coloured trousers or a skirt. But, it’s also a great option for a more feminine outfit at home and it will be definitely ready to go out very soon!

Staying home outfit: Femme Luxe
Top: Femme Luxe Finery | Trousers: Femme Luxe Finery | Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana


This loungewear trousers is part of another loungewear set I showed you before here on the blog, on this Femme Luxe Finery review. And since they are pink with the white detail, it was perfect to make this cute top more casual and comfy for staying home.

White ribbon top


For a more casual and relaxed look that’s perfect for the warm days, I styled a white T-shirt with a pair of shorts. And since the white t-shirt was a basic t-shirt, I made a little knot by the bottom and styled it with a necklace in different layers + a cool high bun. All together, I created a super casual, fun and cool outfit:

White T-shirt outfit
T-shirt: Femme Luxe Finery | Shorts: Rosa Chá | Necklace: Forever 21 | Glasses: Swarovski


And I must say I just love this Babe T-shirt!

Style Tip: Whenever you have a basic t-shirt and you want to give it a twist, just make a little knot at the bottom of the t-shirt and you will have a totally cool style!

Babe T-shirt


It wouldn’t be a selection of outfits made by myself if there wasn’t even a little dress on it! Of course you can wear a dress at home, but truth be told, I can’t wait to wear this spring green dress out of the house! It’s a light green silky dress that’s spring-perfect! Light in fabric and in colour.

Green dress for spring


This dress gives me so many spring/summer vibes! It’s perfect for a warm day or night out. My style choice was to wear it with a high bun hairstyle (perfect for the warm/hot summer days) and statement earrings + a red lipstick (because a red lipstick is always a good idea).

Green dress for spring

For the shoes, this dress works well with high heels for a more fo a dress up look, or also with a pair of flats sandals or ballerinas.

And I must say, how big was this coincidence that I was wearing a green nail polish at the same day of this green dress?! Actually green is a colour I don’t wear that often (nail polish, makeup or clothes), but I really love this dress’ colour and how it looks non my skin. 💚


If you’re in doubt of what to wear during this quarantine days or what to do to pass your time, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @manuluize, where you will find my tips on styling, beauty/makeup and what to do during the days.

Femme Luxe Finery Haul & Review

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I was in the mood for some jumpsuits (check my jumpsuits for women blog post here), and that was when I met the Femme Luxe website, so this time I’m writing a Femme Luxe Review to help who’s looking for more info on this online store.

So, this time I’ll be showing you what I’ve got from the website. I went for some different kind of clothing: from a white bodysuit to a lounge wear set! Check everything I’ve choose this time and more information about this website.


• Femme Luxe Haul Try on & Review:

Femme Luxe Finery review

Like I wrote on my previous post, I was positively surprised with the quality of the clothing from this website and this time I tried more than just jumpsuits. So my choices this time included a polka dot white and black dress, a lounge wear set, a white lace bodysuit (on that very trend style made with lace and some transparency) and a little white jacket.

If you’re wondering if Femme Luxe is a safe website and if it’s real, yes, it is. All four pieces that I had chosen arrived well and they were just like the photos showed on their website. Therefore, the clothes do arrive and from this and from my past experience, all of them were just like pictured on the website.

Bonus point is that the prices are very affordable and the quality of fabric and sewing are fine! So here are my photos showing how the clothes wear and how I styled them:


• White Polka Dot Dress:

It’s no surprise that I LOVE DRESSES, right? So, when I saw this asymmetric polka dot dress at Femme Luxe, I was in love! It’s such a cute dress and it’s also perfect for this time of the year, when the weather starts to change a bit. The asymmetric detail of one long sleeve makes it very delicate, but also very fashionable!

Cute white dress from Femme Luxe


Since the dress is super cute, I went for a classy style! Matching it with a white pair of shoes and a white bag, plus some classy big black sunglasses:

White polka dot dress


White polka dot dress by Femme Luxe


• White Lace Bodysuit from Femme Luxe:

lace bodysuit

If you have Instagram (BTW, if you don’t follow me yet, don’t forget to follow @manuluize for your daily dose of fashion and beauty inspiration), you probably noticed how the lace bodysuit trend took over Insta outfits lately! So there I was in the mood to try it!

So I decided to pick a white lace bodysuit from Femme Luxe this time, to see how I’d feel about it and how to style it. My favourite way to style it is to wear with another layer, like a jacket or even a shirt or a long sleeved top. Plus, add a layered necklace and you will be super trendy!

White lace bodysuit - Manu Luize


• White jacket:

White jacket Femme Luxe review

Something that I noted that I was missing for a while on my closet was a white jacket! So when I saw this one, I knew that was it! Something as basic as a white jacket is always useful to match with so many different outfits and being white, it will never go out of style and it can be paired with so many different colours.

Here I styled it with the same lace bodysuit, creating a different outfit. But this jacket will be so versatile to pair with some many pieces, from tank tops to dresses, with shorts, skirts and pants.


• Lounge wear set:

I’m one of those people who loves beautiful pyjamas and loungewear, I mean, why wouldn’t you be stylish when you’re inside the house or just running errands, right? So, I felt in love with this lounge wear set with a pair of pants and a cropped top that’s so cute and super lovely:

Loungewear set by Femme Luxe


I actually had thought it would be like a set of sweatpants, but the fabric is actually different, it’s lighter, so it’s perfect even for the not so cold days and for staying in. It’s cute and super comfy, definitely a win-win kind of outfit!

Loungewear by Femme Luxe - Manu Luize


You can wear this set with a pair of sneakers or ballerina flats and you’re ready to leave the house too!

Nothing like a beautiful longe wear set, that if you need to quickly go out, you don’t even have to think that much, makeup and go! 😉


* This blog post is not sponsored, even though some of the clothes on this blog post were sent to me, as always, all opinions on my blog are always my own sincere opinions after trying any product.

Sequin dress for the holidays

I love a sequin dress, specially when the Holidays are here and a sequin dress can be a must-have for this season! Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner and to celebrate the holidays’ season in style, nothing better than a stunning sequin dress, right?

So thinking about all the parties for this season, one of the dresses I’ve picked is this stunning champagne and rose gold sequin dress, it’s a short dress and I’m loving it:

Sequin dress by Goddiva

Dress: Goddiva | Jewellery: Les Georgettes by Altesse


This dress is in champagne and it has sequins in rose gold, if you’ve been following me here or on Instagram (if not, just click @manuluize and follow me 😉 ), you already know I’m loving everything rose gold, so I just fell in love when I saw this gorgeous dress. And that is perfect for the parties!

Being a short dress, I find it so versatile that you can wear to many different kind of parties where you need a beautiful short dress and with one like this, you’re ready to shine.

Sequin dress - Manu Luize


Sequin dress - Manu Luize

This dress is from a limited collection designed by Stephanie Pratt for Goddiva, the celebrity got famous for The Hills on the American television and she has been collaborating with the brand and I’m really enjoying this collection that is full of sequin dresses and jumpsuits, aka, perfect for this season!


While I stopped to photograph my outfit, this cute dog at a friend’s house wanted to pose for the photos with me, isn’t she lovely?

Sequin dress holidays


And here are some details of my look, accessories also in rose gold to match my sequin dress and a party makeup with a red lipstick (that I love):

Party makeup with red lipstick

Dress: Goddiva | Ring and Bracelet: Les Georgettes by Altesse


I love brown eyeshadows for everything! For my daily makeup or in stronger shades for a party makeup, like I did in this look with a red lipstick (that I love for a glam-party look).

Sequin dress + party makeup and I’m ready for the Holidays! 😍

Long sleeve sequin dress outfit

Anyone said sequins? I don’t even need to hear the end of the phase and I’m in! I just LOVE sequins! So whenever choosing a night out or a fancy party dress, I do love a sequin dress.

And at this time of the year, nothing like a long sleeved sequin dress to shine through the night! And that’s why I felt in love with this Goddiva sequin dress in rose gold:

Long sleeve sequin dress

Nothing like a full sequin dress, right? This Goddiva dress was love at first sight! In rose gold, it’s the perfect party dress for a night out, for celebrating something special or for the holiday season.

It’s not the first time I try one of their dresses, and like I said on my other outfit with a Goddiva long dress (review), I was positively surprised with the dress’ quality, it’s really well made and so beautiful!

And this short sequin dress was not different, it’s a quality dress that you can wear and enjoy the party shining the whole night!


Rose gold sequin dress by Goddiva

This dress is part of the Stephanie Pratt collection created for Goddiva this season and it’s one of the gorgeous dresses from her collection. It’s the perfect dress to shine and party!


The back of this dress is also full in sequins and it has a nice cut out at the top, making it a sexy dress, but in a very elegant and classy way, just the way I love a sexy dress!

Short sequin dress in rose gold

For a party, my favourite shoes are high heels, of course! And to add even more glam to this look, I’ve paired this dress with some of my favourite shoes, because of this art deco details in the back. So I always think they are party-perfect.


The draped detail at the end of the dress brings even more charm to this beautiful sequin dress that I’m loving! By the way, even being a full sequin dress, the dress is very comfortable, meaning you can easily move wearing it and, of course,  you don’t feel any sequins inside.

Sequin dress by Goddiva


As for accessories, since the dress is already “full of life” and shine, I went for some delicate pieces, just a rose gold pair of earrings and one simple ring, so all the focus would be on the dress and me. 😉