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Manu Luize
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So the spring is here and we finally can have a little more freedom to leave the house and enjoy the good weather, with beautiful spring outfits! Since being so long at home and without being able to travel much, I’ve been enjoying my weekends to do some day trips around Milan to visit new places around and enjoy some sunshine and spring outfits.

After so long wearing a lot of loungewear outfits, today I hope to inspire you with 3 spring outfits to finally go out and enjoy a day out.

To start, here’s a casual outfit I was wearing to visit a city called Cremona here in Italy: a white T-shirt with pink trousers and sneakers. It could be a very basic outfit, but wearing the t-shirt with a knot made it more fashionable, just like wearing some elegant jewelry:

Manu Luize: pink trousers outfit
T-shirt and trousers: Femme Luxe Finery | Jewelry: APM Monaco | Sunglasses: Swarovski

A comfortable outfit in order to walk and explore the city of Cremona (which is definitely a lovely small town in Italy), but with a fashion touch. Once again, pastel colors are a big trend this season and this shade of pastel pink of my high-waisted trousers is definitely something we all be wearing this season.

It feels so good to finally be able to take a day trip and visit somewhere new that I was very happy to visit Cremona last weekend.

Pink trousers outfit and white T-shirt

Another day trip I did during this month was to a city called Caravaggio, yes, that’s the city that gives name to the famous Italian painter known as Caravaggio. The city is near Milan and I spent an afternoon there and the photos I did of this outfit were taken at the Santuario di Caravaggio, which is a bit outside the city.

For my outfit a white crop top with long sleeves and a pair of comfy skinny jeans, I love to look cute and comfortable for any day out when visiting a new place. Especially because I love to walk around when I visit a city to explore different places, so I prefer to wear a comfortable outfit. But looking cute and elegant is always part of my style, because, of course, we can definitely feel comfortable and look good at the same time.

White cropped top with jeans outfit
Crop top and skinny jeans: Femme Luxe Finery | Necklace: APM Monaco | Bag: Michael Kors

So here’s a basic outfit that feels comfortable with my favorite skinny jeans, but with a trendy look with this crop top. I decided to go for a basic outfit, but this kind of crop top would also look great with skirts (or shorts) and a more elegant outfit.

By the way: a great tip to make any outfit more elegant is to add elegant accessories, like jewelry and an elegant bag. So you can wear the same basic item in a very different kind of outfit. And that’s what I love about basic items, like this white crop top.

White cropped top with long sleeve outfit

I also love how an item in white can make a whole outfit feel like spring! I love white at any time of the year, but especially now, I definitely needed the spring air that seems to bring better times after such a long winter staying home most of the time.

I’m feeling very positive vibes for this new spring!

And talking about spring: it’s the season to start wearing dresses again without needing to wear warm tights! Even though the May weather has been a bit strange here in Milan lately (sometimes it’s warm, sometimes it’s cold again), I definitely love to wear dresses at this time of the year! So here’s a spring dress to start this new season:

Polka dot black dress
Dress: Femme Luxe Finery | Jewelry: APM Monaco | Bag: Michael Kors

This polka dot dress is in a wrap dress style and it looks great to transition to the spring, black and white polka dot is always a classic! And the long sleeves are the perfect style for when the weather it’s still not so warm, but also not cold. It’s also perfect for wearing it at the end of the day when the temperature gets lower.

What will you be wearing this new season?

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