4 Fall outfits for all occasions

Manu Luize
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The fall season is here again and here are 4 fall outfits to inspire you in getting ready in style for this season. I’ve picked two outfits for going out and 2 outfits for staying in, so we all can have inspiration for different outfits and different moments of our week.

Let’s start with a red dress, apparently, I was actually on a “red mood”, because both of my going-out-outfits are actually red. I love red outfits, but I don’t know why they remind me so much of the fall season.

Since the weather is already getting quite cold here in Milan, long sleeve dresses are required! So the first red dress is perfect for lunch/dinner with friends or for a date night.

dress: Femme Luxe Finery | Jewellery: APM Monaco

To style it in a very feminine and elegant way, I choose to wear it with a large headband with crystals, that make this outfit have a chic appeal, even if it’s a bodycon dress.

The square cleavage of this dress also helps to make it more of a chic dress, because even if it’s a bodycon dress, it creates a balance between sexy and elegant.

Here you can check more details of my accessories and makeup:

The jewellery is from APM Monaco, from their Météorites collection and the red dress is from Femme Luxe Finery. I’ve been wearing this jewellery pieces so much lately.

Now it’s time for the second outfit, another dress:

Red off shoulder dress

For this outfit I decided to go with a darker red shade, almost like a wine colour for this bardot dress, because I love the way it looks and it’s such a great colour for this season.

While the weather starts to get greyer, I love to bright it up with some colour! And this dress is so cute.

Red dress by Femme Luxe Finery

I also styled it with some silver jewelry, this set is from a brand called Verano Hill, to bring a little bling to this outfit. The dress is from Femme Luxe.

Well, since the cold weather arrived and the global pandemic situation seems that it will still stay here for a little longer, I also picked some loungewear outfits to help you stay home comfortable and in style. Because during times like this, it all starts to make our mood get a bit down and every little help we can get that will make our day brighter is very welcomed! And to me, a cute and nice outfit, even for staying home is definitely something that gives that special touch even for staying home.

So my first loungewear outfit is this black loungewear set, that is super elegant being incredibly comfortable at the same time:

Black loungewear set by Femme Luxe Finery
Loungewear set by Femme Luxe Finery

It’s something elegant and cute for staying home, but also very easy to wear. A loungewear set is great specially because being a set, you don’t even need to worry about finding two pieces to match between them.

I don’t know you, but even when I stay home, sometimes I just look at my clothes thinking what to wear and how to match them, so a loungewear set is great for cutting the time you spend thinking about it. Just get your set and you’re ready to go (or to stay home 😉 )!

Last, but not least, this is one outfit specially for staying home and to be very comfortable! The joggers are definitely back in fashion and I must confess I didn’t wear one since I was a child, but I couldn’t resist this one in pink! It’s the cutest one:

Pink joggers outfit for staying home
Joggers: Femme Luxe Finery | Top: Shein

If sportive is your style, joggers are probably already part of your closet, but I’ve just rediscovered them and this is definitely an outfit I will be wearing more during this season.

Joggers are great for staying home or running errands, since it’s a trendy pair of pants, you can know wear it in so many different ways, that it’s no longer just a home outfit.

If you follow me on Instagram @manuluize, you already know I’m moving to a new house and that I’ve been decorating it all from zero, so I’ll be spending a lot of time home organising everything during the next weeks when all my furniture will be delivered, so loungewear will definitely have a big-time on my choice of outfits.

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