Earthy colors trend: 3 outfits to inspire you

Manu Luize
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The earthy colors are a trend for this season, from green to brown, the earthy colors bring nature inspiration back to fashion and will conquer you soon! Trend or not, since last winter when brown was a huge trend, I’ve been loving to wear it! And don’t you think it’s going anywhere just because the spring/summer season is here, it’s still a trend!

So since we’re already talking about brown, let’s start with this satin dress: a brown long sleeve dress that I’m loving to wear! Great for this transition period between winter and spring! This dress is an asymmetric dress in a soft satin-like fabric.

I love how this chocolate brown dress is elegant at the same time it has an edge look with this high split:

brown satin dress - Manu Luize closet

The puff sleeves elevate the look and you can wear it for a casual-chic occasion, it will be perfect with many kinds of shoes! You can wear it with a pair of boots if it’s still cold or choose to wear it with pumps or sandals for the warm weather. This dress will also look great with flats!

I love long sleeve dresses for this time of the year, they are still needed when going out when it’s a bit cold, but also great for going out in the evening, which is always colder than during the day.

Here you have some better details of this chocolate long sleeve dress, which has a very warm shade of brown and looks great with golden accessories:

long sleeve dress satin

Brown is one of the main earthy colors and I love how neutral and elegant it is! And I’m always happy to see elegant colors as a trend like this one. If you want to keep your outfit in a neutral color palette, you can match your brown dress with beige, white, black, grey, sepia, and rust as examples. But it will also look great with colors such as burgundy, mustard, forest green, navy, and olive green.

Talking about green, this is another earthy color that will keep strong in this new season! A variety of green shades will be seen again this season, including olive green!

Green is actually a color a discovered I liked to wear more recently and that matches my skin tone quite well, so I’ve been wearing it much more recently. And this is how I found this olive green bodycon dress with strappy tie detail on the back:

Satin green dress - Femme Luxe

An olive green midi dress that is elegant and sexy at the same time. Even though it’s a bodycon dress, because of the elegant fabric, it makes this dress chic.

Actually, when my boyfriend saw me in this dress, he said it reminds him of the famous green dress Keira Knightley wore in the movie “Atonement”. Well, the dress is quite different since it’s a midi dress and it’s olive green while hers was a maxi dress in emerald green, but this dress kind of gives the same vibes. I think especially because of the satin-like fabric. Do you agree with him?

satin green dress - manu luize

I would say it’s the perfect green dress for going out in the evening this spring and summer season, but that’s also great for any day occasions too. All you need to do is accessorize it differently so it looks more like a night or day outfit.

And together with the brown earthy colors, we have the beige/ stone shades. I just love anything beige and while we’re transitioning this crazy weather, that goes from winter days to spring weather and cold again in a blink of an eye, jumpers are still essential in our wardrobe. So here’s a stone jumper that’s great for this time of the year:

Beige cutout sweater

A very neutral color palette for this outfit mixing two different earthy colors: the stone jumper with this rust pleated skirt that I talked about before in this blog post 3 Pieces that go from fall to summer. Such a neutral combination that actually goes well for any time of the year. And this is such a great advantage for a piece of clothing when you find one that can be so basic and great for so many outfits.

The earthy colors can be so chic and go well perfectly for many occasions: from the casual outfits to elegant night outs outfits.

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