Short evening dresses: what style to choose?

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If you know me already, you know I love a dress and short evening dresses are the perfect choice for that special occasion or for a night out.

What I love the most about short dresses is that you can wear them on many occasions, so when you prefer a short dress instead of a long dress, you’re able to easily wear it again on other occasions.

I mean, don’t take me wrong, I love maxi dresses, but when you invest in one, you probably are not going to wear it as much as you would be able with a short dress. But once you decided it’s time and occasion for a beautiful mini dress, it’s time to choose your style!

Short evening dresses: Some different Styles

There are many styles of short evening dresses, so you will have a lot of options. From a basic style to a full sequin dress, you can choose the one that’s perfect for each occasion.

Sequins and embroidered dresses are great for more formal occasions, while something less formal like a night out can require a simpler evening dress.

I love dressing up, so whenever I have the opportunity, I’ll be happy to do so and add some crystals, sequins and shine!

Sequin dresses: 10 short evening dresses
The perfect holiday’s dress, I love sequin dresses especially for NYE. My dress was by Goddiva.

But, of course, not all occasions ask for a full glam sequin dress and you can also choose simpler dresses that are also elegant and completely adequate as party dresses.

A black dress, for example, is always a great dress full of possibilities. A black evening dress is a must-have for every closet! It will for sure be a great acquisition to you, so you’re always ready even for that last-minute event.

Plus size short evening dresses
plus size dress: Goddiva

I mean, a woman always needs to have that amazing black dress waiting for her, or that many amazing black dresses. A new black dress is never too much because you will always find an occasion to wear it.

If you want a dress that is something in the middle of a basic dress and a full glam one, there are also many styles and options. You can choose a party dress that has some embroidery details or even some sequin details.

I was browsing through party dresses online and I love this light pink short dress inspired by the flapper style! That would be a great example of a dress between basic and full glam, it’s something you can wear for a birthday party or even for a day wedding.

pink evening dresses

I would see it even as a night out outfit in the city.

Long sleeve dress
Lace dress by Goddiva

Lace dresses are also another great option to choose as your short evening dress. They are classy, elegant, and very feminine.

If your occasion or event is a formal event and you want to go full glam, you can enjoy full sequins and embroidery dresses. They are for sure my favorite kind of dress. I can’t help a little glam and I will be always happy to dress up on every possible occasion. 😅

Short evening dresses: embroidery dresses

Sequin dress: 10 short evening dresses
Outfit: Goddiva dress |High Heels: Topshop

To me, a party is a time to dress up and I absolutely love embroidery dresses. They can be done with traditional embroidery or embroidery with crystals and sequins. Nothing better to “scream” party outfit than an embroidery dress.

And anyone can wear embroidery dresses, at any age, you can enjoy and shine with an embroidery dress. All sizes are also welcomed and you can find many plus size dresses with embroidery and sequins.

Embroidery dresses

Short evening dresses: sequin dresses

Sequin dress: 10 short evening dresses
Outfit: Dress: Goddiva |High Heels: Topshop

I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry, I just can’t help but loving sequin dresses and I’m always happy to find an occasion when I can wear one.

But now you think, when to choose a sequin dress as your evening dress?

You can wear a sequin dress on many occasions, depending on the model of the dress. A sequin dress can be your choice for a fancy night out, for your birthday, holidays (especially for NYE), or even to formal occasions like a wedding.

So when we start from sequins or embroidery in some details of a dress, it can be a great wedding outfit for an evening wedding. You have a touch of shine to make your look more formal and perfect for a wedding.

But when you’re the star of the party, you can for sure go for a full sequin dress! Like I love to do on my birthdays, which is just at the begging of fall in October. And when I say full sequins, yes, a complete sequin dress even if long-sleeved.

Sequin dress
Check my full outfit here: Goddiva shirt sequin dress

What about you? What will you choose as your next short evening dress?

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