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How to grow taller after twenty with Chamaripa women elevator shoes?*

Women elevator shoes

Growing up, all we ever wanted was to become an adult. We start doing activities to make us look more responsible and matured. We start drinking coffee – a routine copied from our beloved father who does it every morning during breakfast – even though we do not like the bitter taste, at least when we were just fake-liking the coffee. We are also discouraged by our parents from indulging with the said aromatic brew because they say it will affect our growth. But is it true that coffee stunts your growth? The answer is no, coffee does not stunt a person’s growth. It does, however, can keep up all night because of its caffeine content. This simply means, coffee never played a role if you are a short woman in this big and hectic world. As women who’s approaching the end of their teenage years, we start to understand the positive effects of that coffee we used to drink just to look mature, to becoming an actual aid to late night reports. Studies show that a person may consume at least two cups of coffee, or four at the maximum every day.

Chamaripa Women elevator shoes


• How to get taller at 20?

How to Grow Taller After Twenty for Female

Physical changes for women happens from different time frames. On the average, your body starts to grow as early as eight years old or as late as thirteen. When it comes to height, it may also start at an early age of nine and stops suddenly without noticing it. Some even become a model prototype who started as the lanky girl who is made fun of. Clearly, puberty is not the same for everyone and that’s what makes the body so wonderful. If your height stops at 5’2”, it is nothing to be ashamed of because human-made creations are now available in the market such as women height increasing shoes.


womens height increasing shoes

These fashion artisans live their life to help conceal or elevate the things you are most insecure about like height. If you feel that being short is a disadvantage, wear heels.

Being an adult does not mean growing up wanting it but growing up equates to becoming one. This includes doing adult things like paying the bills and dressing up every day to go to work with because you have to and not because you want to. Seeming is a far cry from becoming and being older does not necessarily equate to being mature.


Still, need more height?

One great about fashion today is its ability to provide items that are functional such as elevator shoes for women or more commonly known as lifts for women. They’re created to give additional height to the wearer with making it noticeable. Simply put it this way: women elevator shoes are just like heels but hidden.

Thankfully, women are not the only ones who may enjoy the wonders of elevator shoes, but men as well and they come in different styles and designs to fit different occasions. Available designs range from casual sneakers to dress shoes to hiking boots. Not only do they give the wearer more height, they also provide possible style success.


elevator shoes for women

Elevator shoes are also designed to improve someone’s posture because the additional height that is hidden in the insoles are placed properly to give you proper balance. Lastly, both men and women may enjoy this type of shoe design especially if you are insecure about your height. With this, you may appear tall without them realizing that you had additional help from your shoes.


How to make high heels more comfortable?

Most women say wearing a stiletto is a symbol of strength. It is one of the many things women can do that most men can’t. With heels, you feel more confident, longer, and powerful – that you can conquer the world one inch at a time. Sadly, not all high heels are made for walking. Some are painful and uncomfortable that we revert to flats. Though nothing is wrong with wearing flats, that additional inch, especially for petite women, is a welcomed help.

women elevator shoes

In order to make heels more comfortable for everyday use, buy a pair that has a comfortable insole. Moreover, the heels you buy should fit you perfectly and have at least half inch allowance on the shoe opening. Ideally, women are advised to start wearing three inches heels and get comfortable with it because that height is just high enough to survive a daily activity. For additional protection, purchase cushion heels to prevent your feet from having blisters on the ankles.


What’s the average height for a girl?

Growth usually stops, though not in most cases, after reaching the peak of puberty. You may be the tallest during a time in your life, but as everyone experiences the beauty of puberty, everything can change in an instant! Because of this, we start looking for alternatives to still feel tall.

lifts for women

If you are wondering what is the average height of a woman, studies show that women in the United States who are over the age of 20 have the average height of 5’4”. This data may still vary depending on the person’s ethnicity. Since height is most likely a product of heritage, some Asian women are taller than those who aren’t. While there’s a common notion that Caucasians are taller than other ethnicities, everything will still depend on how you manage your health while still in the puberty stage. In some instances, an average White woman can be taller than a Chinese girl, and in vice versa.

Sadly, this may not be the case for some and additional adjustments must be made. For example, a girl in my third grade was the tallest in our class after getting her first period. However, in the ninth grade, that same girl suddenly became the shortest, probably because her parents are also short. The stunt in growth can also be caused by different reasons. For one, if you have vices such as smoking and drinking.

Nevertheless, there are simple ways to counter your petite frame and still feel and become taller after your teenage years.


* This is a sponsored content.

Floral Dress for Spring (Popjulia Review)

I just love dresses! I guess would’ve noticed that already, right? Specially for the spring season, dresses, dresses and dresses!

So here’s another one of my picks on dresses for this spring with this lovely floral dress.

Spring floral dress

Dress: Popjulia | Sandals: H&M


• Floral dress perfect for spring

Floral dress spring - Manu Luize

I’m loving dresses for this spring (or any other season), but specially the dresses with prints, like this floral print that makes this dress a cute dress for this season. It has such a classy look, not only because it’s a floral white dress, but also due to the classy A-line shape of the dress.


Do you know what is an A-line dress? Its name comes from the dress shape, that looks like an A, because the skirt has more volume than the top part of the dress, remembering the shape of an “A”

Floral dress (Popjulia review)

By the way, this floral dress is by a website called Popjulia, I already have a few of their dresses (check more of my outfits here) and it some very interesting options of dresses and outfits, all with an interesting quality and affordable prices.


I just paired this dress with Aviator sunglasses and silver accessories that went so well with the dress’ colors. And, of course, a pair of high heels, because why not? ;)

Floral dress - Popjulia Review


The print is very cute and not so full on the whole dress, which puts this dress more on the elegant side of prints and I love it.

Floral dress Popjulia review

Dress: Popjulia | Sandals: H&M

To match the delicate and classy style of my outfit, I went with my everyday makeup look with brown eyeshadows, but surprisingly, with some light pink lipstick in an almost nude tone! I love vivid and bright lipsticks, but sometimes, even I go with almost nude and light lips.

Check more details of my makeup look in this photo:



By the way, I visited a pink coffee shop here and Milan and I couldn’t help to take a photo of my outfit there as well! Since it’s so girly and beautiful.

Floral dress for spring

The place is called Miss Sixty Cafè here in Milan, very near the Duomo.


* This dress was sent by the brand to me, but as always, all text and opinions on the blog are my own real and sincere opinions about anything I try.

Prismologie: Shower Gel Bergamot & Citrine (Review)

I love bath products, especially the shower gel kind and with a more luxurious fragrance and texture, so the Prismologie’s shower gel with Bergamot and Citrine is exactly like this!

With minimalist and colorful packaging, Prismologie products, a British brand I met at the Cosmoprof Bologna last year (a huge beauty fair here in Italy), call a lot of attention not only to their design, but also for their quality.

Prismologie Shower gel - Yellow Day


• Prismologie: Yellow Day Shower Gel (Bergamot and citrine)

Prismologie Shower Gel: bergamot & citrine

I’m not a big fan of products with strong fragrances, but at the shower, I like a shower gel with a good fragrance, it doesn’t need to leave a strong scent on the skin, but a good smell in the air during the shower.

The fragrances really influence my mood at my shower time and I love products with a nice fragrance and this one with bergamot and citrine from the Prismologie’s Yellow Day line is incredible!

All product lines of the brand have a different color and fragrance and I loved this one! I also tried the pink line, check it out here on my Review of Prismologie’s Hand cream.


Prismologie Shower Gel: Bergamot and Citrine

The brand also brings a bit of positivity into our lives, after all, the small details are what make a difference, and this shower gel brings the following text on the packaging: Stand tall. Feel radiant. Spread some sunshine.

This shower gel from Prismologie has a light texture and it’s very pleasant to use during the shower, leaving a delicious fragrance in the bathroom and lightly on the skin.

The skin gets soft and with that velvety touch, but remember that as it’s just a shower gel, it is to clean the skin and does not have the function of a hydrant. Do not forget to use a moisturizer later.

Prismologie Sower Gel Yellow Day (Bergamot & Citrine), U$ 50.

If you also love high-end bath/shower products that bring that different texture, it could be a good choice of shower gel for you to try.

Prismologie is a British brand and you can find it easier in the UK, but you can also find it online, like on the website above.

* I received this product from the brand, as always, the reviews here on the blog are always my real and sincere opinions on the product.

Lierac Beauty Run 2018 in Milano

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you can follow me at @manuluize), you noticed I’ve been going to some fitness and training events organized with a initiative by the beauty brand Lierac, that’s organizing a beauty run here in Milan on June 9th: the Lierac Beauty Run 2018.

Lierac Beauty Run - Milano 2018

The Lierac Beauty Run is one of the brand’s initiative to empower woman and to help us to add some healthy running/activities in our life with more consistency.

In 2018, this is going to be the third beauty run and this years’ run was presented on the new New Balance flagship store here in Milan and it’s also known as the “corsa in rosa”, that means “the pink run” in italian. The run is organized by RCS Active Team – RCS Sport in collaboration with Lierac.


• Lierac Beauty Run 2018 – Milano:

Lierac Beauty Run 2018


It’s not only a beauty run created to empower woman that take part in the run, but you can also choose one between five different organizations to donate your donation quote included on the enrollment for this beauty run. This’ years organizations are: Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, Dynamo Camp, Diversity, Fondazione Francesca Rava and Professional Women Network.

Andrea Trabuio, Head of Mass Events RCS Active Team, explained: “Lierac Beauty Run is a run created to celebrate women and lovers of a healthy lifestyle, a day of great celebration for everyone. Also on this year, the run will pass in the heart of Milan with two routes, one of 5 km and another one of 10 km. The run is the end of a journey that started in January with RUN4ME Lierac, which has registered over 1000 members. We are waiting for you on June 9th starting at 3.30 pm at the Lierac Beauty Village, with many activities organized by our partners and with a special Kids Area. ”


Lierac run in Milano 2018


The Lierac Beauty Run will take place on the Saturday 9th June at 9.00 pm, with departure and arrival at the majestic Civic Arena of Milan, and then winding along a city route of 5 km and 10 km! Which seems to be so cool!
All women and their companions can register for the 5 km race. Also this year, there will be a special start entirely dedicated to families and their children.

The most trained runners can participate in the 10 km, competitive and non-competitive running.

If you want to take part on the next Run4Me training, check it all on the Lierac Beauty Run website here.

To be part of this beauty run empowering women, you can register here: Lierac Beauty Run.


As a beauty run, some cosmetics couldn’t be left out of the game, right? Here are the products that will be part of the runner’s kit this year:

Lierac Beauty Run 2018 in Milan

photos courtesy of Lierac Beauty Run

Red dress outfit (StyleWe Review)

A red dress is that kind of dress that every woman should have in her wardrobe, and when in doubt, just start with the classics or basic pieces.

And this red dress is exactly that, it’s such a versatile dress that can be worn for spring or even for the fall/winter season!

Red dress outfit - Stylewe

Dress: StyleWe | Shoes: Surface to Air | Bag: Love Moschino


• Red dress outfit:

A simple short red dress that can match different moods and styles. As you all probably know by now, I love high heels and this is the kind of shoes that I usually choose to pair with my outfits and dresses and so was the case here.

Red dress - Stylewe outfit



It’s a red dress with a minimal approach (that I love!), so I thought it was a perfect classic choice to be part of my closet.

Red dress - Stylewe Review

You can wear it with a bigger bag like I did for the daily life outfits or you can pair it with a smaller handbag or even a clutch for a more dress up/night out kind of outfit.

I think I already wrote here on the blog how I’ve been a bit obsessed with red clothing lately, specially red dresses, I’m in such a red vibe these days! And do you know why? Because red is such a color-trend for this year! So if you doubt, go with the red!


Red dress - Manu Luize outfit

As for the quality of the dress and a Stylewe review, that’s from where this dress is from, fabric and quality are nice and the prices are always affordable with some interesting variety of dresses and clothing in general.


And since I was in an all classy mood, I just decided to go with a pair of black high heels, some golden accessories like a choker, earrings and a delicate flower ring.

Makeup with red dress - Manu Luize



For my makeup look, a clean and almost natural makeup with a touch of a red lipstick, the color is Ruby Woo by MAC. My all time favorite red lipstick.

White dress: Summer outfit (StyleWe Review)

Spring is here and it almost looks like it’s already summer, so beautiful summer dresses are a must for this season!

And for this outfit I picked a short dress in white with some lace details in black and white that’s perfect for a fresh and chic outfit during the summer days.

White Short dress for summer - Manu Luize

Dress: StyleWe | Black sandals: H&M | Hairstyling by Namu Hair Milano


I love white for spring and summer outfits and a little white dress is always a must-have for the summer season. But since I love a little detail or something that makes an outfit more delicate, I picked this white dress with some lace detail.

Stylewe White dress


The shoulders’ cut is very modern and makes this dress a little more edgy than if it wasn’t there.

White dress summer Stylewe


You all know how much I love high heels and now that the spring has arrived, it’s time to take your sandals out for a walk.

White dress Stylewe - Manu Luize



I spent the day visiting some events of the Milan Design Week and Vanity Fair created the Green House, a cute and lovely place with beautiful gardens where I took this next photo:

Manu Luize - White dress outfit


This white dress is from the website StyleWe, where I have been able to find some cute dresses with affordable prices, and with an interesting quality of fabrics and sewing. Be it for winter outfits as well as summer outfits. They have a cool selection of pieces.

White dress outfit


For my makeup, a very basic look with brown eyeshadows on my eyes and a bright pink lipstick on my lips:

Manu Luize - Makeup with pink lipstick



And my hair was with a very different hairstyle with a braid on side and just some messy hair on the other half of my hair, do you like it?

Braid hairstyle - Manu Luize

Hair by Namu Hair (Milano)


* I received the product from the brand, but my reviews are always my real and sincere opinions on the products/clothing I try.

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