3 Stunning Gym fits for a workout: WISKII Active review

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Great gym fits and workout clothes can definitely make us feel better and after trying WISKII Active clothing I must say I found a brand that makes me feel confident in gym fits & workout outfits! I was so excited when I first tried them that I had to share this with you, so I thought about making this complete WISKII Active review.

I had chosen two workout outfits from WISKII Active (official website & e-shop here), I must say that from the photos on the website the clothing looked so good and seemed to be high quality. You never know with the internet and all the editing we see on photos, but I was happily surprised when my package arrived and the fabric felt so nice and soft!

WISKII Active review: trying gym fits and workout clothes from the brand

Stunning black gym fit

Wiskii Active wear review
gym outfit: WISKII Active – Code “manu15” to get 15% OFF

I picked a black and a white outfit, but even if they are in basic colors, you know me, the outfits are not very basic and they are perfect gym fits that looked so good on the body! So the first outfit I put together was this one in black with black leggings with a mesh touch and this stunning black crop top with long sleeves.

This outfit made me feel so confident (and kind of sexy), not just because of the fashion details it has but also because of the way it fits the body. The top is so amazing that I will for sure wear it also with normal trousers for other outfits!

This outfit’s score was 1000 out of 10 😂, it fits so well and it feels great to the touch. The fabric is super soft and the top is also quite warm. My choice of long sleeves was because the weather is getting colder this time of the year and apart from working out, I also like to go for quick walking and I’ve been trying to do it for at least 30 min per day.

black leggings details - Wiskii Activewear review
workout outfit: WISKII Active – Code “manu15” to get 15%OFF

It’s also important to mention that the leggings are not see-through (of course, apart from the beautiful mesh details), but the black fabric is not see-through, I really don’t like those sheer fabrics for workout leggings. So another positive point for this pair of leggings.

This model is called Training Mesh Leggings from WISKII Active and it also looks nice from the back, which is all covered with black fabric. Overall, looking good and feeling comfortable for working out, because activewear is not only about looking good, of course, it’s mainly about feeling great for getting your body moving.

Black workout clothes by Wiskii Active: full review
My gym fits are by: WISKII Active – Use the code “manu15” to get 15% OFF

But I also needed to dedicate a space for the top in this workout clothing review: the Seamless Dreamy Training Top is absolutely dreaming! And I want to wear it all the time, even as a normal outfit and it’s definitely possible because it’s so fashionable!

Also, the top is padded, something I personally consider a necessity for a workout bra/top, because I don’t like to wear anything without padding for working out. Because I feel more comfortable this way and also because I think it gives more comfort and support while working out:

Black workout bra crop top - Manu Luize

Overall, the first outfit got me loving this activewear brand! Both looked great and made me feel great while working out, it definitely gave me a boost of confidence that I wasn’t expecting! But, it wasn’t all, let’s get into the second outfit because it’s so cute e too perfect too!

White skirt workout outfit by WISKII Active

White workout top and skirt by Wiskii Active

Are you ready for how cute this workout outfit is? If you already know me, you know I absolutely love dresses and skirts, so when I saw this skirt on the WISKII website I fell in love! It’s a pleated white skirt with shorts underneath it, so you can feel comfortable working out.

Needless to say that I’m definitely wearing this cute Pleated Skirt at any time of the day even when I’m not working out with another top or with a sweater right now.

White Wiskii Active wear outfit: 3 Gym Fits

The back of this white bra top is so beautiful with the strap details, but they also make this gym bra more supportive for working out. This model is called Victoria Corset Bra. I love beautiful gym fits, but in the end, workout clothes also need to be supportive (especially the bras) and comfortable.

White skirt workout outfit

Because this training skirt has a pair of shorts underneath, it’s super comfortable for working out without worrying about anything. It’s very stretchy and comfortable, making you look super cute.

Since the weather is getting colder, I also wanted a sporty jacket to go with this last outfit, so I found a light grey jacket: the Semi-formal jacket:

Sporty jacket: gym fits

This jacket is super lightweight but also seems to be a bit warm, it hasn’t been so cold here yet to make the test. But seems to be great for gym fits during the fall/winter. It’s lightweight enough so that you can wear it inside the gym. The design is super cool and once again this piece proves that WISKII Active wear definitely can be worn also out of the gym and not only as workout clothes.

This jacket can defiantly go as a casual outfit jacket, with jeans and a top. Would you like me to create other outfits with these garments that can be worn as casual outfits? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

Sporty jacket by Wiskii Active

My WISKII Active final review

Overall my WISKII Active review is so positive! Great workout clothes to put together super cute gym fits that feel great, but with stunning pieces that I’ll definitely wear with other kinds of outfits too.

Below you an find all links to the products I mentioned here an you can use the code “manu15” for 15% off on their website:

• WISKII Active: https://bit.ly/3DKaWw9
• WISKII PLEATED SKIRTS:  https://bit.ly/3R8SK2d
• VICTORIA CORSET BRA: https://bit.ly/3LCbBSw
• SEMI-FORMAL JACKET: https://bit.ly/3SmhkOj
• TRAINING MESH LEGGINGS: https://bit.ly/3TeZSw6


* I received the clothes for free from the brand, but as always, all opinions are my sincere and real opinions after using a product, regardless if I bought it or received it for free from some brand.

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