3 French outfits for women you must see this fall

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Inspired by French outfits, French style and fashion, I selected 3 French outfits for this fall/winter season. It’s no secret that I love the french style and the Parisian style, so here you will find inspiration to recreate the french style with french outfits this fall.

3 French outfits from modern to classical style to get inspired this fall:

3 French outfits: purple tweed skirt and jacket
Purple tweed skirt and tweed jacket from Rihoas (use the code “Benachio” for 20%OFF here)

The French style has some essentials and the tweed set of tweed skirt + tweed jacket is definitely a combo that is very French! The tweed style for women became famous with Coco Chanel and this purple tweed outfit is a modern twist on a French look.

3 French outfits for women this fall
Clothes by Rihoas, use the code “Benachio” for 20%OFF here

A way to make this outfit more modern was to add black over-the-knee boots, which are trendy now! And make the perfect match with this tweed set. I’m wearing the Plaid Tweed Cropped Jacket by Rihoas, a black cami top, and the Plaid Tweed A-line Mini Skirt also from Rihoas clothing (use the code “Benachio” to get 15%Off). My boots are from Vivaia.

Here are some more details of this French-inspired outfit with a tweed skirt and jacket set, a mini handbag, and a black headband:

3 French style outfits with Rihoas - Manu Luize

Here’s another French outfit with a wool set that is also inspired by the French style and by the Coco Chanel aesthetic: a cute wool jacket and skirt set that is super cozy and warm. The details of the gold and pearl buttons are so elegant and bring more style to this look (you can check more details in a photo below).

chanel inspired set from Rihoas: 3 French outfits

Under this cute jacket, I chose to wear a high-neck top (the Floral See-Through Knitwear also by Rihoas), I love high-neck tops for the winter to keep me warm. Even though this top is actually a bit see-through, I was wearing a white cami under it to keep me warm and cute.

I did these photos while I was exploring this cute location which is a small town called Re in Piedmont, Italy. It was one of the stops that I did during the Foliage Train (that goes from Italy to Switzerland travelling through a fall scenery train line).

This set is the Argyle Cardigan And Mini Skirt Set by Rihoas (find it here), use the code “Benachio” for 20%OFF. This set is so comfortable and warm that I’m loving it! It will be perfect also for the winter days ahead of us. Here you can check more details of this outfit and the gold and pearl buttons that I mentioned earlier:

Chanel inspired set woollen skirt and cardigan

To match this set and bring a modern touch to this outfit I’m wearing it with over-the-knee boots! This boots style is trendy now and a model with low heels is a must-have if you love high-knee boots! Because it’s perfect for traveling or working, it made this outfit super comfy and warm while I was exploring a new place in style.

And my last fall/winter French style outfit is very Frenchy! One of the most famous accessories of the French style is definitely the beret! And here’s a neutral fall outfit with a black beret to complete this French looks selection:

French outfit with beret

Such a classy and very French-inspired look, for this outfit my choice was the same high-neck top from the previous outfit and the Hollow Out Wavy Edge Skirt by Rihoas (don’t forget the code “Benachio” for 20% OFF on their website).

In neutral colors, that I’m loving this season! And here I’m again with over-the-knee boots, this time my choice was to match this black and beige outfit with beige boots, to create an elegant outfit. And the beret touch is not only a touch of style, but it’s also great for keeping us warm during cold days.

Black beret outfit by Rihoas
outfit: Rihoas (use the code “Benachio” for 20% OFF)

I took those photos while enjoying a day at Monza (the exact location is the Villa Reale di Monza), a beautiful city near Milan here in Italy. That’s the perfect french inspired outfit! But of course, you can also wear it without the beret like I’m doing here for the Pinterest event here in Italy (with a pearl headband instead of the beret):

Manu Luize ar the Pinterest event - French outfit ideas

Which French look was your favorite outfit?

I’ve been really loving Rihoas clothing, they are affordable and have great quality for the price. I also really liked that in this order I received the clothes in compostable plastic bags, which is always great to see that brands are becoming more eco-friendly! I already did a Rihoas review (click here to check it) before and I was happy with my french style clothes.

PS: during the 20t to the 28th of November the Rihoas website prepared a special Black Friday Sale, don’t forget to use the code “Benachio” for an extra 20% OFF. 🙂

* I received the clothes for free from the brand, but as always, all opinions are my sincere and real opinions after using a product, regardless if I bought it or received it for free from some brand.

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