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Tarot divination may sound like a new thing for the less experienced, but the truth is it’s been used for hundreds of years. It’s been consistently used in different cultures and countries, and it revolves around two major cards, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

Both cards hide a series of secrets. In fact, that’s what they refer to, all sorts of mysteries. Minor Arcana provides info about your daily activities and what you have to go through, while Major Arcana offers details about spiritual considerations.

But before getting into deeper details, what exactly does tarot reading tell you about your life?

Becoming familiar with tarot divination

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Tarot divination may seem useless at some point. After all, you probably know yourself better than anyone else. Terrible idea! The truth is most people only know what’s obvious and visible, but they fail to see underneath their own surface.

For example, tarot divination may tell you who loves you, as well as who you actually love. It’s not all about romantic relationships, but also about daily interactions with those around you. Who can you trust? Who should you be careful with?

If you’re not sure about your talents, strengths, or what you want to do in life, you’ll be able to recognize them and figure out how to tackle them. You’ll find out more about where you live and how it affects you, potential children in the future, or even specific circumstances that may or may not work for you.

Interested in a new project? A career change? What can you do to make sure it will be successful? How’s your financial situation going to be? These are only a few examples of what tarot divination can tell you about yourself.

Tarot divination also depends on the type of tarot deck you use. The so called secret tarot is more commonly used for divination. It’s smaller than average, and titles are written in a bunch of different languages.

This secret tarot deck gets its name because of the size. It’s much smaller than traditional decks, so it can be easily concealed. It feels like a little secret. Obviously, any type of tarot deck has the possibility to reveal all sorts of knowledge about yourself.

It’s not always about the type of deck, but also about the psychic advisor’s skills.

Best cards to look for in tarot reading

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Now, no matter what deck you use or who you ask for a reading, there are certain cards that are seen to be positive. These are the cards everyone wants to see during a reading, as well as what they mean.

Two of Swords is like a sword. It could be a good card, but it may also be a bit negative. You might feel a bit negative about seeing the truth as it is, but that’s not everything. Once you get everything in balance, things will get back on track.

Three of Wands is just as attractive. A major change will come to your life. It’s usually a positive thing, but this isn’t guaranteed. You’ll have to be patient. Obviously, there will be quite a few secrets here and there. Most importantly, have confidence in the process.

The Devil is often considered a bad card. It’s about deception, limitation and bad things. The truth is this card actually defines a new beginning. Indeed, getting there could be a bit challenging, but overall, get ready for an impressive change.

The Moon may feel a bit crazy, but it’s about to reveal many things about yourself. More importantly, all these things will come from reliable and solid sources, so there won’t be any reason to doubt them.

The Hierophant is about to reveal more than everything else. You’re about to discover things you had no clue about. You will find solutions to your concerns and dilemmas, as well as guidance for all sorts of challenges.

The Judgement means you’ll grow. You’re at a certain level now, and you’re about to go even higher. In theory, it’s a card most people don’t want to see. But it’s not about death. Instead, it’s about a new beginning, growth, and graduation.

Ten of Pentacles will give you some details about yourself that may open your eyes. You’re wasting resources, be it money or your heart. Be careful and focus on the long term goals, rather than a bit of happiness for a moment.

Five of Pentacles tells you that you’re about to get help. You need it, and it may come under different forms. There’s light out there, but you’ll have to accept and embrace it.

Two of Pentacles means you’re judging too much. You’re confused as well, since your judgment doesn’t always make sense. Find balance in your life, and you’ll get rid of such issues.

Queen of Cups tells you to follow your intuition. That’s where you’ll find answers to your issues. The power of love will help you overcome all obstacles, but you’ll have to use your instinct.

Seven of Cups tries to tell you that you’re being distracted by insignificant things around you. You can, however, get back on your feet, but you’ll need to wake up.

The list can definitely go longer than that. A few other cards helpful in tarot reading include:

  • Five of Cups
  • Nine of Wands
  • Seven of Swords
  • Ace of Cups
  • Three of Swords
  • Page of Cups
  • Page of Wands

As a final conclusion, tarot divination can and will help you uncover a series of secrets and hidden facts about yourself. There are plenty of things to learn about yourself, and some of them may not even make sense.

However, a proper interpretation of cards and imagery will give you all the answers you require. At the end of the day, anyone can learn what certain cards mean, but not everyone can interpret them accordingly.

When done correctly, tarot divination will help you discover yourself in the most natural way, leaving room for plenty of improvement.​

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