35 Hair accessories for wedding absolutely stunning!

Manu Luize
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Hair accessories for wedding are a great way to elevate your look with a stunning accessory! It can be used both by the bride, by the bridesmaids, or by the guests in general. Here you will find the most stunning 35 hair accessories for wedding for bridesmaids and guests in general. I’ll soon publish a new and special guide just with accessories for the bride.

What are hair accessories for wedding?

A hair accessory for a wedding can be a hair clip, a bobby pin, a hair comb, a hair barrette, or even headbands for wedding. Since a wedding is such a beautiful party you can definitely dress up for the occasion, so hair accessories for a wedding are usually done with rhinestones, crystals, pearls, or precious stones (real and/or fake stones).

A hair accessory will definitely bring more glam to your outfit and make you shine even more!

How to choose hair accessories for wedding?

When choosing your hair accessory the first thing to think about is if you’re a bridesmaid or a guest. Bridesmaids can wear bigger and shinier hair accessories because of their role in the wedding. Guests usually wear smaller hair accessories.

Another important detail is to think about how the ceremony and/or party will be done: more formal weddings can allow more glam, especially if the wedding party is in the evening! If the wedding will take place during the day, you can choose small and delicate hair accessories such as hair clips, hair combs, or hair fascinators. Hair fascinators are great for day weddings if it’s a tradition in your country/city.

35 Absolutely Stunning Hair Accessories for Weddings

Here’s a selection of the best 35 hair accessories for wedding guests and bridesmaids. Each accessory will definitely elevate your wedding look, making you and your dress/gown look even more beautiful. You can click the images of the one you like or the text under each image to check where to shop it.

Hair accessories for wedding
  1. Silver-Tone Crystal Flower Sprig Hair Comb, $35.50. Buy it here.
Hair accessories for wedding

2. Gold-Tone 3-Pc. Set Pavé Hair Pins, $19.50. Buy it here.

pink wedding headband

3. Tasha Beaded Headband, $28. Buy it here.

hair comb for wedding guests

4. Luna clip hair com, $125. Buy it here.

hair barrette for wedding

5. Crystal Hair Clip, $24,50. Buy it here.

hair fascinator for wedding

6. Band Crin Fascinator Mink, $40. Buy it here.

crystal hair comb for wedding

7. Silver-Tone Pave Flower Hair Comb, $29.50. Buy it here.

hair clips with pearls

8. Tasha Assorted 2-Pack Imitation Pearl Jaw Clip, $20. Buy it here.

cute hair pins for wedding

9. Silver-Tone Pearl Flower Bobby Pins, Set of 2, $19.50 . Buy it here.

flower hair clips

10. Gold-Tone Crystal & Imitation Pearl Flower Hair Comb, $34.50. Buy it here.

hair accessories rhinestone

11. Gold-Tone Crystal Spig Bobby Pin, $34.50. Buy it here.

wedding hair accessories

12. Elula Opal Comb, $ 70. Buy it here.

pearl hair pins

13. Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Hair Clip Set, $ 10. Buy it here.

pearls headband

14. Olivia Beaded Headband, $60. Buy it here.

Hair comb as wedding accessories

15. 3-Pc. Set Crystal & Imitation Pearl Bead Bobby Pins, $ 29.50. Buy it here.

headband with stones crystal

16. 2-Pack Imitation Pearl Beaded Headbands, $ 24. Buy it here.

elegant hair pins

17. Gem Hair Slide Multipack, $ 16. Buy it here.

tiara headband wedding

18. 2-Pc. Gold-Tone Crystal Headband Set, $ 29.50. Buy it here.

gold hair accessories with rhinestone

19. Embellished Floral Barettes, $ 16. Buy it here.

hair comb wedding hair

20. ‘Catherine’ Jeweled Hair Comb, $ 115. Buy it here.

bride & bridesmaid hair pins

21. 3-pack bridal hair clips in wedding party design, $ 12. Buy it here.

elegant hair comb: wedding hairstyle

22. Gold-Tone Pave Vine Hair Comb, Created, $24.50. Buy it here.

Simple hair comb for wedding

23. Elula Opal Comb, $70. Buy it here.

pink fascinator hat for wedding

24. Mia Oversized Bow Fascinator Pink, $ 40. Buy it here.

hair swirls diamante

25. 6-pack hair swirls in diamante, $ 2.75. Buy it here.

hair ribbon for wedding hairstyle

26. Pearl Beaded Mesh Bow Clip, $ 16. Buy it here.

wedding headband accessories

27. Cubic Zirconia & Imitation Pearl Headband, $58. Buy it here.

hair fascinator wedding

28. Simple fascinator headband in black, $ 18. Buy it here.

headbands for wedding colorful and elegant

29. Rainbow beaded headband, $ 20. Buy it here.

Gold pearl hair pins

30. Pack of 5 hair clips in pearl design, $ 12. Buy it here.

35 Hair accessories for wedding guests

31. Headband with heart detail in rhinestone, $ 9. Buy it here.

headband for wedding style

32. Headband in flower and pearl design in gold tone $ 18. Buy it here.

Hair barrete wedding accessories

33. Cubic Zirconia Barette, $ 38. Buy it here.

Gold hair accessories wedding pin

34. LELET NYPoppy Petite gold-tone crystal hair comb, $ 68. Buy it here.

hair accessories rhinestones for wedding

35. Elegant Cubic Zirconia Headband, $ 33.60. Buy it here.

Which was your favorite hair accessory for wedding? I love them all!

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