Black Nail Art: 47 must-see modern nails ideas

Manu Luize
8 Min Read

Black nail art is a nail trend that is very modern and that can please even romantic and delicate girls! Yes, the modern black nail can be chic and elegant.

Forget the goth black manicure, because black nail art is now trending in a different way! And I’m sure it’s gonna please even who love a chic manicure, because I’m one of them and I’ve been loving black nails lately.

To prove my theory, here you will find 47 trendy nails for this year that are black nails and are cute, chic, elegant, and very wearable!

47 Black nail art ideas to inspire you now

Black & Nude nail art

Black nail art with nude nails

One of the most trendy nail art combinations is black and nude nails. This combination is elegant and that’s why any cute or classy nail art will look elegant in this color palette. Are you ready to get inspired by black nail designs with nude polish?

To recreate the black and nude nail art from the photo above, here’s a quick tutorial of how I did it:

From French black tips to heart nail art and much more, here are some more nude and black nails designs to inspire you:

black nail art with pink nude polish
photo from Pinterest

black & nude nail designs
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Matte black nail ideas are also trendy nails this year! They look super modern and edgy, no matter the design.

Matte Black nails
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Here’s a total classic of the black and nude nails, French tips with black nail polish:

Black French nails: press on nails
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Nude and black French nails with a twist, adding a single nail with a different nail art makes all the difference:

Chic black nails design
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Nothing more modern and trendier than this kind of black nail art for this season:

Black swirls nail art
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Black heart nails with gold
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The cute heart and nude color create a great contrast with the black gel polish, that’s why the design below is so chic, cute, and elegant, even if they are black nails.

Black nails ideas: heart French nails
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Geometric shapes are also a nice way to make any nail art instantly modern:

Nude nails with black design
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You can’t help to wear a flower nail design even in the fall/winter season? Go with black floral nails for a special detail in your black manicure:

Black flower nails
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Chic easy nails with black French tips
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If you feel like something a little more starry and witchy, here’s the black design for you:

Black and nude nails with stars nail art
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Black and nude heart nail art

Black Ombré nails

Another style of trendy fall nails is the black ombré nails, black nail art that mixes different colors. Even though, I must say black and nude even for ombré nails are also a trend! As you can see below. Add a touch of glitter for sparkly nails:

Black ombré nails design
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Black ombré nails with nude polish
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Black nails with glitter

Black can be very elegant and black nails with the right nail art can be a great idea for special events and parties, or just to celebrate life! Get ready to add a touch of glitter to your nails:

Black glitter nails
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Black glitter fake nails
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With black glitter or a different color of glitter, the shine will definitely take your black nail art to the next level!

Gold and silver glitter are the most known and used glitter colors with black nails, but, of course, you can be as creative as you want! Silver and gold glitter will always bring a touch of elegance to black nails.

Black it’s always a neutral color, so you can match it with any other color of nail polish, what about mint and black with silver glitter?

Mint Green & black glitter nail art
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Black nails with white design

A timeless classic of all time: black and white! This combination of colors will never go out of style. To make your nails more modern, choose a nail design that mixes black, white, and nude gel polish to create the perfect black nails:

Black, white and nude nail art
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Do you remember the swirls nails trend last summer? Well, for the trendy nails this year, they come back as a great nail design that you can create in black and white as the perfect shades for this season:

Black and white nail art
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Black & white French tips
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Black white flower nail art
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black, nude and white nail design
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Black and white nails design
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Black nails for prom, parties & holidays

Black nails can also be great as prom nails or any party nails in general. Great even great as holiday nails this year since black nails are a big trend!

Mix it with gold foil, glitter or any shining details to create the perfect party nails:

Black nails for prom
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Black, gold and nude prom nails
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Black nails red tips

Another combination that’s basically a must with black is red! It creates strong nail art for those who love a dark nail design that’s not discreet:

No matter the time of the year, heart nails will alway be a good idea:

black and red heart nail art
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Black nails with rhinestones

Another style of black nail art is the black nails with rhinestones that bring a special shine to the nails, here are some more black nail inspo:

Black nails with rhinestones
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Black nude nails with rhinestones
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Which one was your favorite? If you love nail designs, you will want to check Easy nail ideas to try now.