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Admired everywhere, French fashion and the French style are known in the whole world as a classy and elegant style, that like the French say, it has that “je ne sais quoi“, something we can’t really describe what it is. An it is so effortless chic.

French outfit

Well, that was in the past, with this Guide to French Fashion & French Style you’re going to know all about it! The French style clothing, the French decor, and all the tips and secrets of French fashion will be revealed to you! French fashion, beauty, decor, and gourmet all in that amazing elegant, and effortless style that only the French know how to do it. Now you can get inspired, know the secrets, and choose your favorite pieces to call yours.

Black blazer outfit

The French style is a way of living, so we have to go a bit further than just talking about French fashion brands, the French style includes beauty, the way French women dress, their hairstyle, the French design, the food, and even the French interiors.

French style: pleated skirt

The French Fashion & Style: All about the fashion, style, and effortless chic

french fashion and style

There is no other nationality known as so effortless chic as the French and for sure we can get some style tips from the French woman when we want to achieve this kind of look. That look when you’re elegant but it seems like you’ve just got the first things in your closet, matched them together and you looked perfect!
Striped T-shirts, beret hats, red lipstick, and the no-makeup makeup look are some of the most famous style “items” from the French fashion and beauty style, but the French style goes further. So be ready to take notes and rock this style whenever you want it.


French Fashion

Known so well for its style, french fashion is known as a classy, elegant, and effortless fashion that also is all about quality and not quantity (something I really like and believe in). It’s always worth investing in those timeless pieces that a French woman loves, a piece that you will be able to wear and enjoy a lot.

French fashion items: flower shirt

Like Coco Chanel said: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” and we can think of the French style like this, it’s classy and it’s fabulous, even when you’re in a more casual and dress down kind of look. You can be fabulous from morning to night.
Chanel quote: classy and fabulous
No wonder Paris Fashion Week is one of the most important fashion weeks around the world, it just shows how strong is french fashion, even after so many years, and how important and loved is the French style.

French style and the black shirtdress

With so many new French fashion brands and designers every year, it has its classics, but it also has a fresh and modern take on it, created by new designers you should keep an eye on. And something really cool is that you can find many of them available online, with lots of the coolest Parisian boutiques that can also deliver your shopping straight to your house.

bomber jacket in French style.png
French fashion items
  1. Lou Matelassé Leather Camera Bag, Yves Saint Laurent, $1,490.
  2. Shirtdress, $55.
  3. Maxi shirt dress, $65.

TOP 5 French Fashion Items

French fashion is great, but as with any style, it also has a few garments and accessories that are so present in this style that if you want to achieve the look, you’d better have some of them hanging in your wardrobe.
So, take notes on the TOP 5 French fashion items that Parisian and French women love:

• A Blazer:
No french woman or girl would have a closet or wardrobe without this amazing piece: a blazer. A black blazer is definitely a must-have piece for any french and so should it be for you too, a dark blue is also a great piece! It’s a very classic item that no woman should go without having at least one in her closet.
After you’re ok with that amazing black blazer, you can have fun and go to create your blazer collection with other colors and maybe even with some prints. The french woman advises: do get some neutral and basic colors that will help you create a very effortless chic outfit, colors such as beige, white, and navvy are perfect for that.

black blazer from French fashion

Black blazer (basics)

• Denim trousers:
A French woman loves a good pair of jeans and she knows how to wear them. For a very Parisian style, try your denim trousers with a shirt in a very effortless chic outfit, it’s so typically French.

PS: Soi Paris is a Parisian brand you should keep an eye on! The brand is made and designed by hand in Paris.

Denim and French fashion

Choose your favorite pair of jeans or pairs, the french girl loves a good pair of denim to bring that casual touch to her look. Match it with a shirt, t-shirt and pair it with a blazer or a leather jacket for a very French style look.

Wedgie Icon Fit High Waist Jeans LEVI'S®

• Waisted cocktail dress:
Another item that the French love is a good waited cocktail dress (like these by Sherri Hill), because you’re always ready for any occasion. It is so feminine due to the waistline and you can pair it with a good pair of high heels or maybe some ballerina flats for an even more effortless look.

  1. ASOS DESIGN wrap mini dress with volume sleeve in mint sequin, $ 68.
  2. Catalina Fit & Flare Cocktail Dress, Nordstrom, $122.
  3. Trendyol halter neck wrap dress in pink, $57.

• Ballerina flats / Flat sandals:
Classic, comfortable and so elegant! A pair of ballerina flats is a key-shoe in French fashion and it goes from winter to spring, it’s a favorite for many occasions.
For the summer, flat sandals are so French, beautiful, and comfortable!
The French style is so much about comfort and being confident, that being said, the flat sandals are summer-perfect.

Leather flat sandals
Leather flat sandals: UGG Teague sandals in leather, $75.
  1. Emmy Sandal, Tory Burch, $129.90.
  2. Formula minimal leather sandals with metal ring detail in tan, $24.45.
  3. Foliage leather chain toe post sandals in beige, $16.50.

• Leather jacket:
Like a good blazer, a good leather jacket is also a favorite between the french woman. It helps creating that effortless look, because it’s a more casual piece that can be paired even with a pretty dress to create a beautiful contrast.

Black leather jacket

 Urban Bliss faux leather moto jacket in black, $76.

• French Style Icons

The first french style icon for any french woman is always her mom! And that’s so cute! And you know, moms always know better. 😉
But let’s talk about a few names so you can get inspired and rock that french style from the classics to the modern gals:

  • Brigitte Bardot
  • Coco Chanel
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg
  • Emmanuelle Alt
  • Carine Roitfeld
  • Vanessa Paradis

• French Beauty

French beauty

The effortless chic of the French doesn’t stop at French fashion, but the beauty also has the very same feeling. With that No-Makeup makeup look, that looks so effortless and which has that “I’ve just woke up like this” feeling, but we all know that’s not true. Even a no-makeup look takes some makeup to do it.
And French Beauty is all about your own uniqueness and not looking super perfect, you should enhance yourself with your makeup, and never hide it. So skin care is also a big part of the French beauty style, for the face and for the body.

Therefore, skincare cosmetics are big in France and french woman love to take good care of their skin and invest in good quality products for it. You can do an amazing no-makeup makeup look, but you will still need to have great skin under it, so that’s why it’s also so important.
A french brand to keep your eye on?
Source De Provence creates a variety of skincare products with 99% natural ingredients, no parabens and no silicones.
French skincare by Source

French skincare for dry skin by the brand Source de Provence.

A must have item for the fall/winter season? A good lip balm is always important to keep your lips  smooth and hydrated even on the coldest days, even best if you fall in love with this packaging:

Lip balm from Source de Provence
Nourishing Lip Balm – Orange Blossom, €10.

To keep your skin soft and smooth even on the coldest days, an amazing balm is also a great item to have and to apply whenever your skin needs it! But what if you can have a multi purpose balm? That you can apply from on your skin to your hair? The french are swearing by this balm by Les Petits Prödiges:
French skincare balm

Find yours here: The Lemon Balm, Les Petits Prödiges, €34,90.

And when talking about fashion and French beauty, it is impossible to not talk about fragrances, right? The French fragrances are one of the most famous of the world and I had to include something!
From Paris to you, the Bleu de Chine Eau de Parfum by Marc de la Morandière is an exotic fragrance to bring a French touch into your life:
French beauty: fragrances

Blue de Chine Eau de Parfum, Marc de la Morandière Paris, 125€.

• French Decor

French style decor in living room

Now that we talked about fashion and beauty, we have to talk a bit about the French decor style! It all depends if you want to go more modern or more old-school French style or even some French country style.
Modern and elegant, with a cozy touch.
Or are you more into the French country style?

Paris cushion style

Canal St-Martin cushion, Atelier Pilo, 40€.

You had me at the Bonjour poster

You had me at Bonjour Poster, 16€.

• French food

French food croissant

Finally, something else famous from the French style? It’s definitely the french food!
French cuisine is also known as being a refined and elegant cuisine. And, of course, we always have the famous croissant, baguette, pain au chocolat, and macarons.
Are you ready for the most perfect tea bags that are Instagram and Pinterest-perfect? It’s probably the cutest thing you’re gonna see today:
Instagram perfect tea bags

You can find them here: Cloud tea bags, Tea Heritage, 17€.

French gourmet selection has so many cool things, here are some of my favorites:
French chocolate

Le Chocolat des Français, 25€-50€.

French food popcorn

Flavored French popcorn, Maison Gramm’s, 18€.

So now you know much more about the french fashion and its style. Are you feeling inspired to get more frenchy in your life?

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