Pixi highlighter palette: Rachh loves Pixi review

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It’s been quite a while I have a new favourite highlighter and it’s from a Pixi highlighter palette: the Rachh loves Pixi palette. This palette is called The Layers Highlighting Palette.

Since I first had my eyes on the “Tee” colour of this highlighter palette, it was love at first sight. After I tried it, it became a favourite of mine! So here’s my Rachh loves Pixi highlighter palette review, that has 5 different highlighter shades.

• Pixi highlighter palette: The Layers Highlighting Palette review

Rachh Loves Pixi Highlighter palette

This cute Pixi highlighter palette was created in collaboration with Rachh Loves and it has 5 different shades of highlighters or multi-use glow shades. They all can be used also as eyeshadows.

• 2 base highlighters: “Tee” and “Clutch”, which are the bigger ones in the palette.

• 3 custom highlighters: “Lace”, “Zipper”and “Knit”, which are the small ones.

The idea of this highlighter palette is that you can use a single colour or mix them to create a custom colour just for you. Even though, I loved the color “Tee” so much that I think it’s a great colour on its own.

Bellow you can check my swatches of the 5 highlight shades of this Pixi palette, this photo was taken without flash.

Pixi highlighter palette swatches

Clutch” and “Tee” are the 2 lighter colours, “Clutch”is the lighter shade, perfect for a day to day highlighter. “Tee”is a little stronger in colour and pigmentation, so it could be for a more festive look or bolder looks.

Truth be told, I love a good highlighter and I’ve been using “Tee” as a highlighter on my daily makeup. The colour is just beautiful and it gives such a beautiful glow to the skin, making your makeup pop.

All the shades are very easy to apply, they are all powder, but with a kind of a creamy texture.

You can take a look at this highlighter palette in video, in this quick makeup tutorial in which I apply the “Tee” highlighter from Pixi (look at those cheeks!! 😍):

I just loved this color so much! I’m sure I’m wearing this highlighter in many of my last photos on Instagram @manuluize 😅, but here’s another photo so you can check Tee’s effects on my skin:

The 3 custom highlighter colours in this palette actually are great as eyeshadows if you’re going to wear them by themselves. Or you can play and mix them to create a custom highlight shade.

“Knit” is the darker shade of them all, that could be an interesting highlighter for deep skin tones, but also such a beautiful colour as an eye shadow.

Where to shop it:

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You can find this Pixi highlighter palette on Asos and also LookFantastic.

* I received this product for free from the brand, but as always, all opinions are my sincere and real opinions after using a product, regardless if I bought it or received it for free from some brand.

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