Makeup mirror with lights and Alexa by Simple Human (Review)

Manu Luize
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Much more than a makeup mirror with lights, this is my review of the Simple Human makeup mirror and Alexa build-in! Just this mirror is so worth having by itself, but all Alexa features make it even better!

I’m talking about the Simple Human Sensor Mirror Hi Fi, which is much more than just a makeup mirror with lights. But first, let me tell you why it’s such a life changer for me!

So, if you already know me, you know I wear glasses and I have myopia, and if you don’t know me yet, nice to e-meet you! I’m Manu Luize and I have veeery high myopia, I wear glasses almost 24/7, so to me, it’s incredibly difficult to do my makeup without a magnifying mirror.

I’m a beauty blogger and content creator, I LOVE to do my makeup, but having high myopia, I discovered many years ago a good magnifying mirror was actually a need for me. It makes doing my makeup so much easier! And that’s something I think is my biggest advice when someone asks me how I manage to do my makeup without glasses. 😉

Makeup mirror with lights by Simple Human

But now, back to this magic makeup mirror by Simple Human: it’s a 5x magnifying mirror with lights in different tones, it has a motion sensor (so it turns on the lights when you get near it and, of course, it turns off by itself when you’re done and move out) and it also has Alexa build-in the mirror.

So many great functions in only one item! That makes it so versatile and that’s why I said it’s much more than just a makeup mirror with lights. So now, let me tell you about them all.

Simple Human makeup mirror with lights, a 5X Magnifying mirror

Makeup mirror with lights

I have tried many different mirrors and 5x magnifying is the one I find the best one. Less than this is not good enough to help me see every detail and more than this makes it difficult to have a good idea of how the makeup is going. I even used a 10x magnifying mirror, but I prefer 5x much more for doing my makeup.

A 5x magnifying makeup mirror is good, but the Simple Human Sensor Hi Fi mirror is amazing! It has a motion sensor that makes the light go on when you get near it. And let’s talk about the light in this makeup mirror: it has tru-lux, like a true light, which means it will show our makeup the real way. No more doing your makeup at home and finding out to be a different thing when you’re outside.

Light shades of the Sensor Mirror Hi Fi

Makeup mirror with lights App

With this Simple Human makeup mirror, we can choose the right light we want. Between daylight for sunny days or cloudy days, office light, night light and you can even create a custom setup yourself.

This is great to do our makeup in the light which we will be, let me explain to you: did it ever happen to you, you do your makeup with the normal bedroom light and you go out for dinner in the evening, when you see yourself at the mirror inside the restaurant your makeup doesn’t look like you intended! Or the opposite, you do it in the house and when you can out in the sunlight it’s not very visible?

Well, that’s when a mirror like this is great, you can do your makeup with the light and ambiance of where you’re going to be. Or if you prefer, you can use the brightest white light to do your makeup and switch to night light to check how it’s going to look in real life in the evening.

Makeup mirror with Alexa built-in

Makeup mirror with lights: Simple Human mirror Sensor Hi Fi

As I mentioned, this sensor mirror is full of functions and advantages, but having Alexa built-in the mirror makes it much more fun. You can have all Alexa functions inside your makeup mirror.

To me, doing my makeup is always connected with music: I love to listen to music when I’m doing my makeup. And well, having Alexa available to help is very handy!

To find my favorite music while I’m busy applying the eyeliner, to jump that music I’m not a big fan of while I’m applying my mascara makes the process much faster and funnier. How many times did I stop to do my makeup just to go change the music on my phone that was lost somewhere in the bedroom in the “old times”? 😅

I always find it great to get the weather forecast while doing my makeup and even ask Alexa what time is, maybe having it available and easy all the time can help me not be late while I do my makeup. 😉

Simple Human makeup mirror with Alexa

The sound quality is great and you can regulate the volume very easily by just touching it by the side of the part that you can see in the photo above.

Alexa works just like in any other Alexa device, you easily connect to your Amazon account and it’s all set up. The big advantage is that you have it inside your mirror, so one less device to have.

The Simple Human Sensor Mirror Hi Fi has a very modern design and all its functions make it a great mirror. To me, it’s for sure the best makeup mirror with lights I have ever used!

A product that I believe is definitely worth the investment, since it’s something you will use daily and not just for makeup. It’s now definitely part of my routine and a great of it, like I mentioned, I love to do my makeup and it makes it easier and more fun to do with this amazing makeup mirror.

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