What Type of Hedge Trimmer Is Best for your Garden?

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Keen to learn more about the ins and outs of hedge trimmers ahead of your next purchase? You might be surprised to learn that there are several differences between the different options on the market. Petrol, cordless and electric hedge trimmers are some of the different types available to buy. 

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Statistics show that the UK is embracing gardening, with annual retail sales of gardening products such as flowers, plants and seeds in the UK experiencing an upsurge in 2020 in particular. For those wanting to take things one step further by taming bushes, shrubs and hedges, a hedge trimmer is a must. With it, you can craft neat, landscaped hedges that enhance your outdoor space. Foliage like this can become unruly during the summer months, so it’s important to plan ahead. 

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of hedge trimmers on the market.

Petrol hedge trimmers 

Petrol hedge trimmers

Fuelled by petrol, these hedge trimmers are the most powerful of those available – and the most durable. You can get handheld and pole versions, with the latter allowing you access to high-up foliage. Often, these hedge trimmers will have the power of their motors advertised as their key USPs, so this might be a factor that helps you make your decision. They are often used by professionals in the horticultural, ground care and landscaping industry for this reason. Refuelling petrol hedge trimmers is simple – you simply need a jerry can full of petrol.

However, it’s important to acknowledge the cons. Petrol hedge trimmers are heavy due to their powerful motors, which can make them hard to work when using them for long periods. Plus, the motor means they make a very loud noise, which may cause disturbance with the neighbours – in some cases, you may even have to wear ear defenders. Finally, the exhaust gases from the use of petrol can make them unpleasant to use at times – however, more recent models and low ash two-stroke oil make this less problematic.

Cordless hedge trimmers 

Petrol hedge trimmers

Cordless hedge trimmers are a great option for those who want the freedom of a cordless device and a less weighty piece of equipment. There aren’t any exhaust emissions either, which adds to the appeal as they’re more environmentally friendly. It’s a quieter option compared to other hedge trimmers that use a motor. These factors make them a good option for at-home gardens who want a powerful piece of equipment but without the hassle that a petrol hedge trimmer or the tangling cord of an electric hedge trimmer. 

Inevitably, you’ll be restricted to the battery life, so just make sure you have spares in case they run out at an inconvenient time. If you only need to use it in small bursts, you should be fine. Just bear in mind that the cutting performance will reduce as the battery diminishes. 

Electric hedge trimmers 

Alternatively, you might find that an electric hedge trimmer is the best solution. These models use a cord, which means you’ll need a power outlet to get things moving. Electric hedge trimmers are quieter and don’t release unpleasant fumes like petrol hedge trimmers, plus they don’t need the same level of maintenance using lubricants, for example. They’re also a lighter option due to the lack of a motor. In fact, they tend to weigh just a couple of kilograms depending on the model you choose. The simplicity of plugging in the cord and switching it on is another big pull factor for many gardeners.  

Undeniably, the corded element can be restricting and unfeasible for some gardeners, depending on how far away they need to be from the outlet. However, if you’re simply trimming the hedge at the front of your house, this likely won’t be an issue. However, it isn’t always an option for professionals or commercial use. 

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