4 Amazing Water Garden Ideas to Try

Manu Luize
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If you are looking to spruce up your water garden, or wanting to try and create a new one, there are many accessories and ideas to help you achieve this. Water gardens are great additions to your backyard, and can create a sense of tranquility and calm. 

What is a water garden?

water garden

At its most basic level, a water garden is a water feature whose primary aim is to propagate, house or display plants. These are aquatic plants, such as water lilies or lotuses, and fish can also be added, as they can provide nutrients to the plants. It is common for a water garden to be in a pond, as there are many pond water features available to help your plants thrive. However, you could also create a water garden on your deck using a container, which can be a good starting point for newbies. Here are just a few water garden ideas that you could try out.

Create different levels

Your water garden could have different levels, on which different types of plants can live. Submerged plants, floating plants, and edge plants may all live together in your water garden. Not only does this provide adequate growing for plants, the variations in depth also create different habitats within the water. 

Add a fountain

Adding a fountain to your water garden can not only increase the visual value, it can help to keep the water quality high. When water is still, it is easier for micro-organisms to grow, leading to the water becoming stagnant. Stagnant water attracts insects such as mosquitos, looks and smells bad, is dangerous, and can harm your plant life. By adding a fountain, the water will be constantly moving, making it harder for bacteria to grow.

Incorporate lighting

Adding lights in and around your water garden, especially if it is in a pond, has many benefits. Not only does it illuminate the water to make people aware of it, it can also deter predators. Animals are less likely to venture into your water garden if it is well lit. You can also get lights that change color, or are solar powered, which can save money and is better for the environment. There are many benefits to water gardens in general, and adding lighting can help create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Add rocks

A rockery is generally known as an arrangement of rocks, stones, and boulders in a garden or landscape. Introducing a rockery around your water garden is another great way to add visual impact and create new habitats for wildlife. They can also help prevent debris from falling into the water and damaging plants or fish. Rocks have many uses in the garden, as they make great borders, as well as decorations. They can also provide a better surface at the bottom of a pond for your aquatic plants to develop a root system in, and they disguise the pond liner—making it look more natural. 

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