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if you’re looking for a 5 star hotel Venice, it’s time for me to tell you about my stay at the Metropole Venezia. A special and luxury hotel in Venice with canal view available. During this summer I was invited by the hotel to stay there for a couple of nights while I was invited by the “Arti, mestieri ed eccellenze in mostra”, a show of the excellence of Venetian art, fashion, drink, and decor.

5 star hotel Venice

Therefore, the choice of hotel was perfect to start my trip to Venice in the discovery of the amazing excellence that Venice provides. From the art to the hospitality, Venice is a magical city full of surprises, but staying in the right hotel will definitely help you discover and live the city in an unforgettable way.

• 5 Star Hotel Venice: Metropole Venezia review

Hotel Metropole Venezia - Venice 5 star hotel

The Metropole Venezia is a historical hotel in Venice, it’s a luxury hotel Venice but not any hotel, it stands out because it has an eclectic and theatrical atmosphere. It’s also in the perfect position to visit Vence, just near the Piazza San Marco and the main tourist attractions of Venice. The hotel has particular art and objects collections in exhibition all around the hotel floors and in the corridors, each floor has a theme of pieces of art. A collection of suitcases, fans, and much more gives the hotel a special charm and makes your experience of staying there so unique.

Metropole Venezia review

The hotel also has a beautiful private garden, one of the very few in Venice, and that’s where you can have your breakfast every morning. It also has a cozy and luxury spa that was inaugurated recently (more on this below), and the famous Oriental Bar & Bistrot.

Luxury hotel Venice - Metropole Venezia
At the Oriental Bar & Bistrot, part of the Metropole Venezia. The bar is open to the guests, but also to the public.
Oriental Bar & Bistrot - Metropole Venezia

• Metropole Venezia position: luxury hotel in the center of Venice

Venice San Marco hotel

The hotel faces the Venice lagoon and some of these Venice hotel rooms have the most beautiful and exclusive view of the canal. It’s perfect for first-timers at Venice or to habitués of the city, allowing you to easily visit the main tourist attractions of the city or to explore and travel like a local for a special experience. The Metropole Venezia already had famous guests like musicians and actors that stayed there for the Venice Film Festival (which usually takes place in late August or early September).

You can walk to the Piazza San Marco or visit the Palazzo Ducale that are just around the corner. If it’s your first time in Venice, the Palazzo Ducale is definitely a place you should visit to see this stunning and historical palace.

Metropole Venezia Hotel Review

The hotel also has a private entrance where you can get there by private boat taxi or with a transfer booked by the hotel, making it easy to get around Venice at any time.

• 5 Star Hotel Venice Breakfast:

5 star hotel breakfast in Venice

For me, no stay at a hotel is complete without a great breakfast. And here what I experienced was a tasty breakfast in the calm garden, perfect for the spring/summer season to enjoy your morning before getting out in the city. The Metropole Venezia garden feels like you’re in such a calm place that you even forget you’re just in the middle of the busy historical center of Venice.

Luxury hotel Venice - Metropole Venezia

I found a full availability of a variety of bread, cheese, fruits, jams, pastries, juices, coffee and more.

Breakfast Metropole Venezia

With a variety of food and drinks for breakfast, you can start your day in the best way.

• My Metropole Venezia room:

Hotel Metropole Venezia

While staying at the Metropole Venezia I stayed at the Prestige room: It’s quite spacious and very comfortable with a nice bathroom. You can check more on this video I published on my Instagram profile @manuluize about the Metropole Venezia:

• Luxury hotel Venice with Spa:

5 star Venice hotel spa

Being a beauty lover, I’m also a big fan of any spa or thermal experience and I was delighted to visit the new Metropole Venezia spa, which can be used in private groups, by a couple, or, why not alone as a treat to yourself? ;). The last was my option this time, and I enjoyed a relaxing 90-minute path on the spa. The Metropole Venezia spa has a warm pool with hydromassage, Hammam (Turkish bath), shower with chromotherapy or you can book special massages, treatments, and rituals offered by the hotel.

Luxury hotel Venice: the spa at Metropole Venezia
Venice luxury spa hotel: Metropole Venezia

It was perfect to relax after the busy time I had in the city checking all the beautiful companies present at the event while I was visiting Venice.

• For booking, please, contact the Metropole Venezia directly:

As I mentioned at the beginning of this Venice hotel review, I was invited to stay at the hotel during my stay in Venice with a complimentary stay, as always, all opinions are my own and all reviews I publish are my honest reviews.

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