6 Tips for Men Who Need to Up Their Style Game This Year

Manu Luize
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As we get ready to usher in a change of season, this is the perfect opportunity to assess your wardrobe and your style choices and ask yourself how you may be able to up your game. Men’s fashion doesn’t always get much attention, which can make it a little harder to know what’s trending and what’s considered stylish. This is exactly why we have put together this list of tips for men who want and need to up their style game this year. You will be able to sport a fresh and modern look just in time for spring. Let’s dive right in.

Update Your Denim Options

Denim is a staple piece in any man’s wardrobe thanks to its versatility and comfort. But it shouldn’t just be about function; picking out a new pair of denim should also be based on what’s trending in terms of the style. For 2022, it’s all about slim jeans for men. These are different from skinny jeans, as they aren’t as tight and therefore, they will appeal to a wide breadth of people.

If you want to elevate your denim, however, you can’t go wrong with designer jeans from Balmain. Balmain is a Parisian couture house known for its cutting-edge designs that tend to appeal to millennials. You can click here to check out some of the slim denim from Balmain available for 2022. 

As for what to pair with your denim, that’s really up to the wearer. Whether you pair them with a casual graphic tee, a button-down shirt, or even a sweater, denim allows for your inner fashion stylist to come out.

Embrace the Trending Colors

Because there are so many different trending styles, it can be hard to pick just one, or one that will still work with your existing pieces. In this case, it can make sense to pay homage to whatever the trending colors are of the season. These can be paired with neutrals and basics that you likely already have in your wardrobe and will inject a sense of trendiness into your look.

The trending colors heading into spring and summer 2022 will be:

It’s also trendy to mix and match colors, which will of course be a bold look.

Outerwear Will Play a Role

While the temperatures will eventually be warming up, the fact is that right now there is still a chill in the air, so why not elevate your style game with new outerwear? The bomber jacket is on track to be “the” jacket of the year. Depending on the jacket, you may also be able to wear it through a couple of different seasons.

Bomber jackets tend to be a flattering style on many different body shapes, so this is also a versatile offering. As for the color, while you can’t go wrong with a basic black, you can also play around with color, choosing a bright pop like royal blue or red, or something more neutral like army green or navy.

Need New Shorts? Reach for Bermuda Shorts

Shorts are always a popular clothing item for summer and this year men can stay ultra-fashionable by wearing Bermuda style shorts. These shorts showed up on all the hottest designer runways making a clear mark on the fashion scene for 2022. What’s great about these shorts is that they are comfortable and are typically more versatile in that they are appropriate for a wide array of events and activities. You can certainly pick them up in a basic color or purchase a pair in one of the trending colors listed above. It depends on how fashion-forward you want to look.

A Collared Shirt is Sophisticated and Stylish

In 2022, there is also a big return of the collared shirt. This shirt has an elegant and sophisticated vibe to it that is typically reserved for office wear but is now more mainstream for spring and summer. Look for ways to include it in your weekend and evening wear, as it will instantly dress up an outfit. Even paired with your Bermuda shorts, it will completely alter the outfit’s vibe.

Slip-On Sandals are Trending in Footwear

We will finish off with footwear and the big style for spring and summer is most definitely the slip-on sandal. This style provides comfort and function, and you can get a high-end or fashionable brand that will ensure your outfit comes together.

If it has been a while since you have updated your wardrobe and infused it with some fashionable pieces, why not make 2022 the year you elevate your look? Not only will you look great, but it’s bound to fill you with confidence, giving you a fresh and exciting outlook. 

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