Camel Coat Outfit (PopJulia Review)

Manu Luize
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A camel coat is one of those basic and neutral pieces that are so elegant and chic! It’s already a classic and a camel coat can be worn from a day-to-day outfit to more of a dress-up kind of look.
But for today, my choice was to wear my new camel coat in a casual and basic outfit for the day around Milan.
Camel Coat from Popjulia

Camel Coat: Popjulia | Sweater: Asos | Denim pants: Zara | Handbag: Moschino

My combination was pretty basic: a pair of jeans, an off-white sweater, a camel coat, a black handbag, and nude shoes. It’s a classic combination of colors that will never go out of style and it’s also perfect as a work outfit for this winter.
I’ve been looking for a camel coat lately, so when I was invited by the Popjulia online store to pick some pieces and I saw this coat, I knew it was time to own a brand new camel coat.
Camel coat outfit and denim pants
A basic outfit can also be stylish and elegant. Talking about basics, this camel coat has a minimal approach and the fabric is very soft, I was impressed by its quality:
Camel coat outfit - Manu Luize
I still can’t get over skinny jeans and they are always my go-to kind of jeans.
Pojulia review camel coat
Denim and camel coat - fall outfit
Camel coat - day outfit
More details of this outfit, my makeup, and some accessories:
Manu Luize - Popjulia coat review

Coat: Popjulia | Earrings: Monili di Legno

This is just my simple and everyday makeup, but with a touch of a bold lipstick, which, by the way, is the color Eugenie from MAC‘s collaboration with Giambattista Valli:
Manu Luize and Camel Coat
* I received this coat from the brand, however, the reviews written here are always my actual opinions on my use of the product.