Festival Fashion: How to Dress For a Rave?

Manu Luize
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You’re planning your next rave, and you’re already super excited about rounding out the perfect outfit for the occasion. You have some basic ideas and priorities when it comes to balancing looks and comfort. But then you stumble upon hundreds of rave clothing models, trends, brands, and offers. And that’s where things can get tricky.

The good news is that you’re not alone in that moment of hesitation. Rave fashion has evolved a lot in recent decades, and we are here to sum up all you need to know before you purchase the ideal outfit.

Festival fashion: outfit ideas for rave

The rave outfits women wear to festivals can get pretty wild, right? So, here is how to join the A-team of festival fashion and make a memorable appearance at your next EDM event. 

Pick Only Fabrics and Models That Feel Good

The most valuable decision to make for yourself is choosing comfort as your top priority. Rave festivals last long enough to make the outfit choice heavily dependent on freedom of movement and expression. 

This being said, the best choice would be an outfit made of stretchy and shape-hugging fabric that doesn’t restrict you in any possible way. Most high-quality rave fashion brands use spandex, lycra, elastane, or polyester for the purpose, while blends between them are also widely offered. 

Picking a comfy, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric will get your wild dancing to the next level. And you don’t even have to compromise with your brute looks!

Go For Printed and UV-Reactive Garments

If you pick a spandex outfit for your next rave festival, you will have a couple of ways to go when it comes to style. 

The first alternative is totally evergreen, and it’s called neon. Single-color neon leggings, crop tops, and bodysuits are always a good idea for a rave, and they provide a wide choice of cheeky cuts for a sumptuous appearance. 

The second option gets even wilder, and it’s called all-over graphic prints. Modern printed garments provide mesmerizing detailing and can get hyper-realistic when it comes to thematic patterns. It doesn’t matter if you prefer psychedelic, sci-fi, anime, or Kawaii motifs. There is a printed rave fashion piece out there for every taste, and it will definitely make your jaw drop when you see it. 

Regardless of the color palette you choose, UV-reactive fabric inks will level up your entrance from attractive to epic. Because when the lights go down, it’s time to illuminate!

Don’t Choose a Style; Show Off Your Style!

Festival Fashion: rave outfits

Rave culture is all about radical inclusion, acceptance, and building a temporary community around love and respect. It’s not about following the trends in order to fit in. It’s about following yourself in order to be authentic and cherish the experience. 

Being true to yourself is a multi-track endeavor you can pursue in models, cuts, styles, and patterns. Gladly, there is a lot to choose from – starting with sleek and streamlined one-piece costumes and reaching to mind-boggling thong bodysuits with a high-hip cut. Between them, you can find different long and short dresses, sexy booty shorts, and even adult onesies. 

All you need to do is spot the piece that will make you feel good in your skin. And the rest will be history!

Express Yourself Through Details 

Finding the best outfit is one thing, but creating the best look is something else entirely. So, once you have the clothing, you can move on to the fun part of accessorizing and entertaining your overall styling concept. 

Here are a few things you can consider when you reach that part of the process:

  • Take your time and do the makeup. Rave makeup has nothing to do with everyday makeup, so watch a couple of tutorials and find out how bold you can get. Neon lipstick, face jewelry and tattoos, or a boldly colored eyeshadow palette are just the beginning.
  • Pick the proper rave accessories. Cosplayers have props; ravers have accessories! Glowsticks, fishnets, LED glasses, masks, wigs, cheeky headbands, and multipurpose bandanas – it all works well as long as it works for you.
  • Mind the shoes you wear. Putting on your furiously high-platform boots can be a tempting thing to do when you’re aiming for the ultimate look. If you want to do it – then do it. But always keep that second pair of plat sneakers in your backpack in case you’d like to go wild. 
  • Always have a plan B. If you’re shopping from a new brand or trying out a different cut, make sure you can stay flexible to your needs. A basic cotton tee won’t take too much place but can be a lifesaver on certain occasions. 

Finally, you can also gather your clique and plan the experience together. Matching looks are still a thing at the end of 2022, and the alternatives on the market are more enchanting than ever before. 

Don’t Hesitate To Run Wild

Rave fashion is nothing like casual fashion, and it provides you with a one-of-a-kind chance to re-explore your boundaries. Or else said – no sexy is too sexy and no bold is too bold during an EDM.

Fortunately, the rave etiquette is rather strict, and respect is a fundamental part of it. More skin doesn’t mean an invitation to interact – it means that you’re enjoying yourself, that you’re building a positive body image, and that you’re learning once again to be free without worrying about anyone’s reaction. 

If you take some time and browse through rave festival photoshoots, you will get a pretty accurate idea of the level of personal freedom you can practice during a rave. That level is rather high on the bar, so don’t hesitate to run wild and make some fantastic memories together with your crew. 

Now that your inspiration has probably kicked in, you can go browse through the best rave outfits out there and dive head down into the freedom of enjoying yourself!

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