Trench Coat: How to Wear it and 13 Outfits to Copy Now

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Loved by many women, the trench coat is a type of coat that has become a fashion classic for many years, and no matter how long it goes, it has not gone out of style!
But then, what differentiates a trench coat from other types of coats? How to wear a trench coat and create stunning outfits with this piece? I selected several tips and 13 outfits to get you inspired and ready to rock timeless trench coat outfits for many seasons!

Pink trench coat outfit

After all, the trench coat is a coat that is done in a light fabric and can be worn in spring or on cool summer nights, or when made in heavier fabrics, its also perfect for winter outfits. It is a very versatile piece to have in your closet at any time of the year.

Look com trench coat - Manu
photo: Manu Luize

Trench Coat: Tips, How to use and 13 outfits

Winter trench coat outfit

I have selected some styling tips on how to use this beautiful coat, as well as 13 looks with a trench coat to inspire you when choosing your outfit.

What is a trench coat?

Looks com trench coat
photo: Amaro

Nothing better than starting by understanding what the trench coat model looks like, right? And what are the differences between a trench coat and a regular coat or a women’s overcoat? There are some key points of this item that make it different and why it’s a special kind of coat.

Some details are the main points that define a trench coat: the criss-cross front button, the waist marked with a belt, and the distinctive lapels are the typical characteristics for a coat to be a trench coat. You can see these details below on this trench coat model:

how to wear trench coat
Traditional trench coat model, available at Nordstrom $146.99 shop it here. * affiliate link

Because it has a marked waist, this is a model of coat that leaves you with a very feminine and elegant silhouette. It’s also one of the types of women’s coats that can go with many different outfits, occasions, and styles. The trench coat can go from a casual look with denim to a more elegant outfit with a dress.

This type of coat became super famous with Thomas Burberry, who created the model with a totally different idea: in the beginning, it was created to be a coat for soldiers during the First World War, little did he know that he was creating one of the most iconic coats in the history of fashion to this day!
A fashion classic, the trench coat has also been the outfit of many characters in the movies; who doesn’t remember the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in which Audrey Hepburn wears a trench coat with all her elegance?

The typical fabric of the trench coat is a water-repellent fabric, which is why this item is often worn on rainy days (like in the super romantic scene in the movie The Breakfast at Tiffany’s).
Now that you know how to identify a trench coat, it’s time to get inspired, so let’s go to the tips and outfits with this iconic piece!

Get inspired! 13 Trench Coat Outfits

As I mentioned, the trench coat is a piece that can be used in more casual or chic looks. And you can also choose your trench coat model in different colors, prints, and in a variety of fabrics, according to what you are looking for in each look.
I selected some more casual looks for everyday life, as it’s a great piece to go out during the day or even to wear at work. Basic colors such as off-white, caramel, camel, white, black, and navy blue are the most popular colors for this type of coat, as they are neutral colors that will allow you to combine your trench with many different outfits.

Combined with jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers, the trench coat creates a basic look but has that extra touch of elegance!

Neutral colors are always great, especially for work looks, like this other trench model in black that is super neutral and will go with everything!

Black trench coat
Black trench coat available at Nordstrom, $375, shop it here.

I love trench coats in light colors such as white, off-white, and camel because, in addition to being neutral colors, they are easy to style and make your outfit more elegant.

Here are some more outfits with a trench coat in a light color:

beige trench coat outfit
Trench coat Lauren Ralph Lauren $ 240.
Long trench coat outfit
Long Trench Coat by Topshop is available here for $ 126.40 * affiliate link.
13 trench coat outfits
Trench Coat by Burberry, $2,490, shop it here. *affiliate link

For those who like special items, how about an unusual trench coat? I found this wool trench coat with fake fur:

trench coat with faux fur lapel
Wool Trench Coat with Faux Fur Collar Stella McCartney $1,680 here.

For winter, the tip is to go for a wool trench coat, to stay super warm! I loved some tailoring models that have the same shape as a trench coat but are much warmer than the models in their typical fabric.

Trench coat para inverno
photo: Amaro
Spring trench coat outfit
Lace trim Trench Coat, $159, shop it here. *affiliate link
fake leather trench coat
Fake leather trench coat: $ 260, shop it here. *affiliate link
camel trench coat outfit
Classic Trench Coat, $179 shop it here. *affiliate link

Remember the first look that opened this post? This is the same white trench coat that I wore in a look with jeans and here I combined it with a dress, showing how this coat is incredibly versatile:

Trench coat branco com vestido
photo by Amanda Marques for Manu Luize

So, what’s your next look with a trench coat?

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