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This week I received some leather wallets from a brand called Kinzd to get acquainted with, they are colorful leather wallets that are compact pieces, which is great for those who love to wear small bags, but also for those who carry a thousand things and any free space is a bonus on your bag, right?
Leather Wallet from Kinzd
What I find most practical in small wallets is that besides that they do not take up much space in your handbag, it is easy when changing the bag. When I’m with a large wallet, every time I decide to go out with a small purse, I have to change my wallet as well to fit in the small purse.

• Leather Wallets:

Leather Wallet from Kinzd
I have received two models of Kinzd leather wallets and a makeup bag to review, the brand was created in 2012, trying to bring us genuine leather wallets at affordable prices, with worldwide delivery.
I received this model of a small leather wallet and another colored one slightly larger, but also very compact. The workmanship is well made and the leather appeared to be of good quality, it is a stiffer kind of leather.
Take a look at how this wallet is inside:
Blue leather wallet
It has enough space for cards, and space for money, and inside the zipper part, it also has divisions for cards. I had put some cards inside the zip that did not fit in the front part and also some coins.
This leather wallet is made with a system called Blocking RFID, which blocks wifi readers and protects the information of those who have contactless cards. These cards make payments without needing the password by just touching the payment reader, I’m not sure how popular they are in other parts of the world, but here in Italy there are some banks that have contactless cards and you can make small payments with them, just by getting your card closer to the machine.
I ran a test with this wallet and the material actually blocked access to the cards.
About the size: Italian ID is a little bigger than this wallet, so it was left with a few centimeters out of the wallet.
The other model I had received from their women’s leather wallet collection was this other one, a very colorful one:
Kinzd Wallets
This model is a very compact one: it has a zipper to put your money and coins, or, the money can also be placed in the long spaces just above the cards’ space.
A very colorful leather wallet for those who like more cheerful and fun pieces, but still in an elegant way.
Kinzd Wallets
In addition to the spaces in the front, this wallet also has a zippered space in the back:
Kinzd Wallets
• Makeup bag:
Makeup bag from Kinzd
This makeup bag is made of another material, it is made in nylon. It’s a small makeup bag, but it can fit some more essential brushes and makeup, it’s small to carry in your handbag to make touch-ups on your makeup during the day or take it on a weekend or short-duration trips.
It also has a small zipper inside, in which you can put small accessories.
Kinzd Makeup bag
* I received the accessories from the brand, this review was written with my honest and sincere opinions after using the products.

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