MFW: Hanita – Fall 2017/18 collection

Manu Luize
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Another collection I checked at Milan Fashion Week was from the italian brand Hanita, which has created a a Fall/Winter collection punctuated by black, red and pink millennial as the main colors of this season. A brand that seeks to keep alive the made in Italy, creating a 100% Italian product.
Hanita - Fall 2017 / 18
A young and modern winter was created for this new season of Hanita, the Italian brand was created in 2008 and they always care about having great quality materials and the final garments.
With a presentation at the Grand Hotel et Milan in the Fashion Quadrangle here in Milan, Hanita showed pieces for day and night in this edition of MFW.
Attention to the detail that the fur used in this collection is ecological fur, (as in the leopard coat that opened this post) which is not very common to see at the Milan Fashion Week collections.
MFW - Hanita Fall 2017
This leather jacket was one of Hanita’s Fall 2017 highlights at MFW.
Hanita - Fall 2017 18
Velvet also showed that the fabric that was in fashion since the previous winter, continues to be trendy another season.
Light tones like millennial pink make this collection elegant and super modern:
Millennial pink no Inverno
One of my favorite pieces of the collection, this beautiful pink skirt:
Hanita - Fall 2017 MFW

photos: Manu Luize

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