Red nail polish: Kiko Milano N 285

Manu Luize
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The red nail polish is a classic, check out the swatch of how the red nail polish from Kiko Make Up Milano in color N. 285 looks on my nails. A bright red nail polish with a slightly shiny finish.

Red Nail polish from Kiko Milano N˚ 285

Kiko Milano 285 nail polish
The red nail polish # 285 from Kiko Milano is a very bright red color, in my photo of the packaging it is not possible to notice it, but it has some very small and subtle particles of glitter as if they were micro glitter, which can be seen in the bottle of the nail polish.
But when you apply the nail polish on your nails, the glitter doesn’t really show, because it’s very subtle, it only gives a slight glow.

Check out how the No. 285 red nail polish from Kiko Milano shows on the nails:
Red nail polish: Kiko Milano n 285
I applied two layers of nail polish to do these red nails, it covered well and it did not show any transparent areas.
For bright nail polish, even lasted quite well on my nails without peeling in the first few days and only coming off lightly at the tips of my nails by the end of a week. In fact, I was even surprised at the duration of this nail polish, I confess that I expected it would last less.

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