55 Red nail ideas to save now

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Among the different styles and colors of nail art, red nail ideas can be either delicate, more modern, or bold. To get you inspired by red nails with the perfect photos to save and take to your next nail appointment or to get your nails done at home, I have selected 55 photos of red nail designs with different color combinations and styles.

Unhas decoradas vermelhas
nails by @nail.art.by.tea
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The nail design inspirations online are immense, but I often find it hard to find the really wearable and elegant nail designs, so I went on the hunt for chic and beautiful red nail ideas. Especially for you, who like me, like to chose your nails and get elegant nail art without losing your style and elegance.

• Red nail ideas:

Unhas decoradas vermelhas fáceis
photo: @taniahergenhahn

I picked different ideas of red nails and even some tutorials, separating them by easy red nail ideas, romantic nails, golden and red nail designs, and even some red nails with flowers, one for every occasion you want to choose a red nail design. After all, it’s not just on Christmas or Valentine’s day that we can wear red nails!

Unhas decoradas vermelhas

A big trend this season, this style of abstract nails or swirls nails was the most seen nail design this season. The cool thing about this nail art design in red is that it can be great both in summer and winter:

unhas vermelhas modernas e decoradas
nails: @nail.art.by.tea
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Easy red nail ideas:

red nail ideas
photo: @betina_goldstein

Especially if you’re getting your nails done at home, these red nail ideas are great inspiration for those who will do the manicure alone, as they are easy nails to do at home.

Unhas decoradas vermelhas negativas

nails by LuLus

These nails are for when you want to nail nail designs (no pun intended ;), but you still want a simple and practical idea because sometimes “less is more”. Easy nail designs with red nail polish/gel polish are ideal for these days.
This one above is super easy to make by yourself and it’s known as negative nail art.

The combination of pink and red is stunning and modern for the nails, as in this photo above.

Unhas vermelhas decoradas: nude e vermelho
photo: @nails_and_soul

Unhas decoradas vermelhas e prata
nail art by Noemihk

Nail designs with red and a touch of glitter are also beautiful red nail options that bring a little shine, without exaggeration, they are perfect for both everyday and festive occasions.

This is the gel polish i used for the tutorial above:

Red solid cream gel by Born Pretty
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Unhas decoradas com vermelho
nail art by Noemihk

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Elegant and super delicate, these nail art in red and nude are also beautiful:

Unhas vermelhas - nail art vermelha
Unhas decoradas vermelhas listrada
Nails by So Nailicious

Are you feeling inspired to do your nails in red? Check out some suggestions for red nail polish for red nail art (just on the links below the photo and you can find where to buy it):

red gel polish with glitter
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Unhas decoradas vermelhas em degrade
nails by LuLus

Unhas decoradas em vermelho
photo: @marta_yurinets
photo: @nail.art.by.tea
Unhas vermelhas decoradas com rosa
Unhas decoradas de vermelho
nails by LuLus

Do you love nails? Check 55 Heart nails for Valentine’s Day.

Unhas decoradas vermelhas lindas
nails by LuLus

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Unhas vermelhas decoradas: color block
nails: stylecaster
Unhas decoradas vermelhas francesinha
Unhas decoradas vermelhas com branco
nails by Pshiiit

Graphic-decorated nail art with geometric shapes look beautiful and can also be super delicate using red with lighter tones like nude or light pink polish.

Unhas decoradas vermelhas com cinza
nails by So Nailicious

Unhas decoradas delicadas em vermelho
photo: Nail by JJOO
Unhas decoradas vermelhas meia-lua
image: Vogue UK

Unhas vermelhas com glitter
Unhas decoradas chevron vermelho
Unhas decoradas vermelhas com brilho
Unhas decoradas vermelhas com listras
nails by AdornedClaw

Do you want to check more easy nail art ideas? You will love this post: 47 Chic Black Nail Art.

Romantic Red Nail Art:

unhas decoradas delicadas vermelhas
photo: @amyle.nails
Unhas decoradas vermelhas de corações
photo by Nails by Jema

Beautiful to use on Valentine’s Day and for when you want romantic, more delicate, and feminine red nails, below you’ll also find a tutorial on how to do nails with heart nail art.

Unhas para o Dia dos Namorados

Unhas decoradas vermelhas de coração
nail art tutorial by Cosmopolitan

Here’s the tutorial for these easy red nails with white hearts:

red heart nail art
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Unhas vermelhas decoradas com beijo
nails: @eunicornnails
Unhas decorates para Valentine's Day
Unhas decoradas vermelhas com dourado
nail art by Noemihk

Red Decorated Nails With Gold:

Unhas decoradas vermelhas com dourado
The combination of red and gold nail art has been very popular, an elegant combination that looks great for the holidays or other parties.

Get inspired by the different nail art ideas in red and gold:

red and gold nail art ideas
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Unhas decoradas vermelhas douradas

nails by Paulina’s Passion

Unhas vermelhas com dourado
nails: @tattoorary_com
Unhas vermelhas decoradas com dourado
photo: @ira.sky_nails
Unhas decoradas Art deco

Unhas decoradas vermelhas com dourado
nails AdornedClaw

Nails in dark red or burgundy are great nail options for autumn or winter, as they are darker:

Unhas decoradas vermelhas chique
nails by fashionte

Red Nail Art With Flowers:

Unhas decoradas vermelhas com flores
Nails decorated with flowers are always popular, how about red nail art with flowers? I selected some inspirations of red nails with more delicate and cute flowers:
Unhas decoradas com flores
Unhas decoradas com flores

nails by Christabell 

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