The Most Elegant & Simple Wedding Cake Designs

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As a bride-to-be, one of the most exciting and fun aspects of planning my wedding has been the quest for the perfect wedding cake. And I’ve been on the lookout for simple wedding cake designs and ideas, to match my wedding style. If this is also your wedding style (let’s say something like rustic chic style, simple wedding, or a minimal style wedding), here are the chicest simple wedding cakes you will find online.

A wedding cake is not just any cake, it’s a masterpiece that will stand at the center of our special day, a symbol of love, sophistication, and your wedding style. I’m exploring a vast world of exquisite wedding cakes, and here I’ve selected 47 that truly took my breath away to help you choose yours.

47 Elegant Simple wedding cake designs: couple cutting a beautiful wedding cake

Rustic Romance: Ideas of Simple Wedding Cake Designs

white cake with roses in pink and white, with green leaves

My heart was captured by rustic-themed wedding cakes. This style of cake is usually chosen as a semi-naked creation adorned with fresh flowers and greenery, evoking a sense of natural beauty and romance. Perfect for a rustic chic wedding or a boho-inspired style.

Get more stunning cake ideas below:

simple white cake with flowers in rustic style, 3 tier wedding cake
macaron and flowers simple cake for a wedding
boho cake design
rustic chic simple cake
yellow simple cake with flowers

A rustic cake exudes a sense of natural beauty and romance that’s perfect for an outdoor wedding. It’s as if the cake was plucked from a charming country garden and placed on the table for all to admire! It can also be a great idea as a simple wedding cake design that is chic and romantic.

simple cake ideas
rustic chic wedding cake
white simple 3 tier wedding cake
custom simple wedding cake designs
rustic chic cake for wedding with 3 tiers
white sunflower wedding cake
simple naked cake with flowers
single one tier wedding cake in yellow with flowers is rustic chic style
naked cake with red fruits for simple wedding
Naked cakes are also great simple wedding cake designs for outdoor weddings.
4 tier wedding cake
small wedding cake with flowers and greenery
boho chic cake for weddings
4 tier boho simple cake
brown cake design ideas
Wedding cake doesn’t mean your cake needs to be white! You can also choose a cake in another elegant color from your wedding color palette. Like this cake done with a rust cream, it’s simple and elegant at the same time it’s very rustic chic/ boho style.
rustic romantic cake designs
4 tier simple white cake
Custom cake toppers are a great way to add some personality to a simple wedding cake design.

Classic Elegance

classic white wedding cake with 3 tiers

A simple classic wedding cake is timeless, and I couldn’t help but select some stunning cakes that are beautifully adorned with delicate white flowers or intricate texture detailing. It’s the epitome of timeless beauty for wedding cakes!

3 tier cake in white classic wedding design with roses
white hearts cake design with small flowers ideal for simple weddings

The classic elegance of a white cake will be always timeless. It’s a cake that transcends time and can match many wedding styles. This style of cake usually comes with flowers, lace, or pearls.

total white wedding cake
white cake with pearls and red roses
white 2 tiers cake with flowers
3 tier white simple cake
simple white wedding cake with pink flowers
classic elegant white cake: 6 tiers
3 tier white cake design
white beige 2 tiers simple cake

Another classic style is a simple yet elegant cake in ivory and gold, with subtle floral accents. It radiates understated charm and grace.

simple bride and groom white cake with 3 tiers and bride and groom topper

Modern Marvels

blue and white modern chic cake

If you’re seeking a more modern touch, a sleek and minimalist cake with geometric designs can add a touch of contemporary elegance. It’s a marvelous choice for a modern wedding.

modern white 5 tier cake with geometric white shapes and white roses

The modern cake design with its geometric shape is a reflection of the contemporary style. Its simplicity and clean lines are a perfect match for any modern-themed wedding.

blue modern wedding cake

Always feel free to choose a cake that represents your personality and your wedding style, and never be afraid to choose a colored cake! Some ideas for simple wedding cake designs go far from the traditional white cake or mix white with other colors. As the cake above, in a chic mix of blue, white, and gold.

chic white cake with red fruits
blue and gold wedding cake design

Whimsical Wonder

simple and chic floral cake design

If you’re dreaming of a fairy tale wedding, a whimsical cake featuring cascading sugar flowers and a touch of gold or rose gold can turn your dream into reality.

blush wedding cake design with 4 tiers
4 tier white cake design
white wedding cake with white roses

Each of these cakes is a work of art in its own right. They are more than just desserts, they are expressions of love and creativity, and choosing the perfect one has been an exhilarating experience.

Each of these cakes speaks to a different style of wedding, and I can’t help but wonder which one will ultimately grace my wedding day. As a bride, I’m drawn to the romance and elegance of each design, and I hope that one of these cakes will capture the essence of my love story.

Selecting the perfect wedding cake is a reflection of your wedding style and personality. Whether you prefer classic, rustic, modern, or whimsical, there’s a simple cake that perfectly complements your vision. It’s an exciting journey, and I can’t wait to see which cake will stand at the heart of my special day, symbolizing the love and dreams that my partner and I share.

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