Summer Glow Up: Skincare Tips for Radiant Skin

Manu Luize
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As you may know – some people are more predisposed to oily skin than others – and if you’re one of them – you know that hormones and stress levels can influence sebum production. But for some – it gets even worse during the summer heat. Are you tired of dealing with dull and oily skin from all that summer sun, pollution, and dust? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Let’s dive into the ultimate summer skincare tips that’ll have your complexion looking flawless all season long. 

Home Remedies: Glowing Skin Made Easy

skincare for sensitive skin

Sure, summertime is great for exploring and having fun, but it can also cause some annoying skin issues. This is where an Anti-Tanning Scrub can come in – here’s how you do it: 

– Mix a teaspoon of milk with oatmeal

– Add two tablespoons of juice (any citrus fruit works!), poppy seeds, and orange pulp

– Blend it all together until smooth

– Apply on your face until dry then gently scrub off for brighter, exfoliated skin

Bring Your Beauty Back Mask 

Next – you’ll want to revive your dull summer skin with this refreshing beauty mask:

– Mix glycerin and milk in equal parts

– Apply on face for 15 minutes before rinsing

– Say hello to smooth pH-balanced gorgeousness

Soothing Buttermilk Skin Saver 

Buttermilk is not only a popular cooling drink during hot days but also doubles as an amazing healing ingredient for sun-damaged skin. Apply buttermilk directly onto tanned or sunburned areas—your rescued radiant self will thank you later! But if you’re looking for even more glow-inspiration – aloe vera and watermelon work wonders for your skin as do all citrus fruit as well (and of course, let’s not forget the classic cucumber). Combine any of these magical ingredients with a base solution such as curd, buttermilk, rose water, or coconut oil, and watch your skin come alive.

The Power of Natural Products and Cocoa Butter: Your Customized Facial Care

While DIY packs are cool and all, the best results come from also using customized skincare products like exfoliating scrubs, face washes and moisturizers—just make sure they’re all-natural to avoid harming sensitive skin.

And speaking of natural – one of the ‘cleanest’ and most effective ingredients is cocoa butter! Famous for being rich in vitamin E, this fab ingredient can seriously up your skincare game – and here’s how: Cocoa butter is a total antioxidant queen! Research says it’s loaded with them, which means it’s always down to fight free radicals and protect our skin from damage that leads to premature aging (ugh), dull complexion, dark spots and textured surface

Do you know what all those cocoa butter benefits for our skin mean? One word – glowy! By using products with this wonder ingredient we can keep our complexions looking fresh, supple and young. Plus, it helps smooth out fine lines, balances uneven pigmentation *and* boosts elasticity.

But wait – there’s more! Currently under investigation is the link between cocoa butter application and collagen production increase within the skin. So if you’re dealing with or want to avoid stretch marks? Cocoa butter might just be your ultimate beauty ally. 

So say goodbye to oily and tired skin this summer – and say hello to a new and refreshed you.

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