Trends 2022-2023: The top and the high neck

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When the cold lurks and the neck is too exposed, we have two options: wear a scarf or wear a turtleneck. We must admit that our friends from Solado have a weakness for the roll neck tops that are our favorite garments to avoid catching a cold.

A simple and minimalist garment:

It is a simple and minimalist garment, but no less elegant for that. It’s the ideal garment for halftime, those days in which we start the day with a cold and in which temperatures begin to rise as the hours go by. A roll-neck top is perfect, we are not cold, but not too hot either.

It is best to opt for tight models, capable of styling any look. They are ideal to combine with looser garments, such as wide-leg pants, so fashionable lately, pleated miniskirts, or sheer dresses.

Fall trends: high neck tops

They can be used as the main top garment, or under another garment, making the top the quintessential base garment. The second way of wearing it can be combined with bralettes, knitted vests, blazers, strapless dresses, etc.

They are basic garments that, year after year, we can see in all kinds of low-cost stores. But this season, we have also seen how they gain prominence on the catwalks of the big brands with fascinating high-neck tops with floral prints.

Here we show you various looks so you know how to wear these tops differently for each occasion.

Look 1: 

Combination of some of the latest trends of the autumn-winter 2022/20233 season, merging a solid-colored turtleneck or roll neck top with a tailored suit with loose-fitting trousers and a vest. With this base, you can achieve a perfect office look with heels, a large shopper bag or briefcase, and a long coat; or a more casual outfit, with Chelsea or sport boots.

Look 2: 

To combine two different plans on the same day without having to get changed, for example, go to work and then to after work. A high neck top and a midi cut spaghetti strap slip dress, with tights and Chelsea boots, all covered by a long coat or trench coat. 

You can opt for a plain-tone top and a printed dress or let the most striking garment be the high-neck top and combine it with a plain-tone lingerie dress. How about that?

Look 3: 

A basic, sequin butterfly top, in this case, we are going to risk with a striking model, either in a bright color or with a groundbreaking print. At the bottom, we will opt for wide-leg jeans, with high-top sneakers. We can also follow the layering trend, so famous in recent seasons, with a knitted vest on top of our top. 

Look 4: 

High neck top in a neutral color, midi skirt with heeled ankle boots, and lace bralette on top, groundbreaking and daring.

Look 5: 

We can also follow the simplicity of a look with a basic roll neck top and a miniskirt of the model you choose, although our favorites to continue with a simple and subtle line, with a differentiating touch, are those with an asymmetrical cut. Musketeer boots and an oversize blazer are ready for any plan that may come up.

jeans outfit: trends

Look 6: 

We can also achieve a sporty look if we get a turtleneck top that matches leggings. The rest of the combination is very simple, wide sports socks, trainers, and a padded bomber or long coat, you decide.

Look 7: 

Did you know that pinafores are back this season? Yes, those classic school uniform dresses that we hated so much when we were little and that we now live in. Well, if you combine it with a turtleneck top, tights, loafers, and a long cloth coat, you will get a perfect cool college style.

Look 8:

Long sleeve turtleneck tops are also one of the best outfits. In any case, the long-sleeved turtleneck tops will soon be made with our shelves. The cold is here to stay, especially in the early and late hours of the day. We will find t-shirts and sweaters in all kinds of colors and shades, which can bring joy to our outfits.

Look 9:

The next look is with a high-neck top with long sleeves. This season we are fans of the combination between pink and green. We propose these two pieces of jeans. If you think it is a complicated combination to combine, the coat and the accessories can be in black. That will make your task easier.

Look 10: 

As one of our last styling proposals for today, we have chosen a black turtleneck top from Solado and we will combine it with a midi-length pleated skirt in beige. A classic trench coat and black ankle boots will round off this perfect look to go to work, or even to go out to dinner.

Look 11:

Black and white roll is also one of the great pieces you can add to your wardrobe. We propose a style in black and white ideal for a casual day. We cover the sleeveless top with a short bomber jacket so that the corduroy pants by solado can be well appreciated. 

Thus, there are various looks you can try with roll-neck tops. If you are looking for an exclusive collection of women’s outfits, do not miss to check out the entire collection only on You will also find the latest fashion in corduroy underwear.

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