Vegan Leather Backpack: Jord Review

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A couple of years ago I talked about Jord Watch here on the blog, a super cool brand that designs wood watches and now has launched a vegan leather handbag line! My choice for this outfit was Binca: a super cute and elegant backpack designed with vegan leather by Jord.

And here you can check all details of this beautiful vegan leather backpack and how to wear it on a day trip, like I did on this outfit on a day trip to Verona during the Valentine’s Days. 💕


• Jord Binda Backpack review:

Jord packpack
Enjoying a beautiful day on a day trip to Verona, with a very comfortable outfit, but – of course – with a touch of style. 😉

I was never a really backpack kind of girl, but since this kind of bag have been recreated and designed in a more fashion and even in a more luxurious way, I’ve been enjoying a lot this kind of bag over the last months! And my choice of the Binca mini-backpack was the Gold and natural colour by Jord, such a chic piece!

Also, it’s such a neutral colour that you can actually style it in so many ways, be it a daily bag for going to the university, for working or even for a day in the city. It doesn’t have to be just a travel bag, since it works as a bag for so many occasions.


Vegan leather packpack

I think it’s important to mention the attitude that JORD has creating a vegan leather handbag line! More specific they use a fabric called Suberhide™, which is considered the world’s most durable luxury fabric made from natural Portuguese cork.

This handbag feels so luxurious, as you can see from my photos, it has absolutely nothing to do with the cork stopper of a bottle of wine, it’s super soft, smooth and elegant!

And Jord made sure that this handbag was sustainable, from the harvest of the material to the final handbag, which is definitely a great thing about this brand and specially about this bag, proving that we can have sustainable pieces on our closet that look and feel great!


Jord watch backpack

The Binca by Jord is a mini-backpack with a lot of space to carry whatever you need on your day or for a day trip. My day trip to Verona was actually  a surprise to my boyfriend, who had no idea we were going to the train station to catch a train to Verona, so I needed to pack (and hide) all my travel supplies like my camera, water bottles for two, cable and phone chargers. My Binca handbag was my only confidant. 😂

And it was a great and comfortable bag for the day, it accompanied me during this day trip in which we walked around Verona the whole day visiting the famous spots of the city and following a Romeo & Juliet tour.

If you would like to help Jord design their next handbag,  you can answer some questions here on how do you like your handbags!

Jord Binca backpack

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