Xmas nails: The Best 35 Holiday Nails and more

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Xmas nails are a fun way to decorate your manicure for the holiday season and get into the Christmas mood. With more than 35 different Christmas nail art designs that I selected, you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

35 Chic ideas for Christmas

Here you will find more than 35 ideas that are festive, fun, and on-trend. A Christmas mani is a great way to celebrate the season in style. You can get festive and still be on the theme even with some chic ideas. There are many different ways you can do your manicure for the holiday season, but the most famous Holiday nails can be red, glitter nails, a Christmas tree-inspired nail art, or even with some snowflake design!

Below I have compiled some of the best Christmas nail art designs to help you find your perfect style.

Red Nails

35 Xmas nails: santa hat nail art

Red nails are the most popular nail color. for the season. You can get creative with different designs to create your own unique look. 

Here’s the full tutorial on how I created the Santa hat nail design you saw above:

Instead if you prefer some more clean and modern, you can go with a simple negative space design in nude and dark red polish:

Glitter designs

If you love glitter, this is the perfect time of the year to try some shiny and sparkly ideas:

You can also mix some different elements like red glitter and snowflakes: Holiday perfect!

The same goes here, but with a different idea using snowflakes, Christmas balls and some gold glitter:

35 Xmas nails

Another important decor element of the season: candy canes! With a nude polish base and red french tips with a mix of candy canes tips. Creative and very festive!

This one is for you who want to run away from the stereotype designs of this time of the year and go with something simple like red mani with gold glitter.

Something less obvious is to mix red, pink and glitter, to create something different:

You can also get into the mood of the winter and go for a dark red, a trendy winter nail color this year:

Christmas Tree nail art

It’s the best time of the year to get creative with nail decor. You can enjoy the most traditional Christmas items like the decorated tree, Santa Claus or Xmas ball details to add to your nail designs. You can go extra and add some 3D nail decor, like I created in this nail art:

Here’s the tutorial of these easy nails with the seasons’s special decorations items:

Go classy with small details that you can achieve using nail plate stamps, like I did for this stunning and chic nails:

Xmas nails in violet and gold

Candy canes, Santa Claus and snow motives can create a merry manicure:

Sweater nails as Christmas nail art

Snowflake Nails as Xmas nails

Snowflake nails are great as Holiday nails! The winter aesthetic represented by the snowflake is perfect to bring a touch of Holidays without going for the traditional Christmas decor items.

Xmas nails - red and gold glitter
35 Xmas nails (snowflake nails)

Here’s the tutorial of this easy Xmas nail art with snowflakes:

Gingerbread man as Xmas Nails

A Gingerbread man manicure (aka gingerbread man cookies nails) is another traditional design for Christmas nails and it doesn’t need to look childish.

Xmas nails gingerbread biscuits
Red Christmas nails

Reindeer nails for Christmas

Another famous design for Christmas nails is to get inspiration by the Christmas reindeer. You can mix reindeer designs with glitter or metallic nail polishes for that festive glam effect.

Glitter nails for Christmas

Glitter nails are great for any festive occasion, but during the Holidays you can add special details and Xmas nail art to make them Holiday-perfect! You can get creative with different colors, patterns, and designs to create your own unique look. And if don’t want to go for Christmas nail art, you can choose glitter nails to bring the festive mood to your nails without adding Xmas details.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check these glitter nail art designs that are glamorous and festive:

Blue glitter nails - 35 Holiday nails
Gold white nails Xmas nails
Pink glitter nails - 35 Holiday nails

From Christmas nail art to the holidays and beyond, there are so many ways to express yourself through your nails. I hope this list of nail art ideas will inspire you to get creative with them!

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