3 key pieces that go from summer to fall

Manu Luize
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Here are 3 outfits I wore in the last weeks to inspire you with 3 items that will go from summer to fall/winter in your wardrobe. I love skirts and dresses and these 3 outfits are with some of my favourite skirts for this new season! The great thing about neutral skirts is that you can wear them on any season of the year!

We all know how black clothes are always a good idea, no matter the time of the day or season of the year. Like this black fake leather mini skirt that is perfect both with a summer outfit or a winter outfit, isn’t amazing?

Here’s a option of summer outfit with this black skirt that I was wearing during this last summer:

Black outfit skirt Femme Luxe Finery
Black pleated Skirt: Femme Luxe Finery | Backpack: Moliabal Milano | Sunglasses: Swarovski | Shoes: Jorge Bishoff

With a black crop top and high heels, a total black outfit that goes well for summer, but that adding a warm coat over will also make it a good fall outfit. Below you can see better details of this outfit and of the accessories I was wearing with this total black look:

Black fake leather outfit skirt Femme Luxe Finery
Skirt: Femme Luxe Finery | Backpack: Moliabal Milano | Sunglasses: Swarovski | Shoes: Jorge Bishoff | Necklace: APM Monaco

You can see how I liked this pleated skirt because I not only got it in black leather (fake), but also in tan/brown! Fall is here and one of the main colors that are trendy this season is brown and I’m loving this brown skirt for a fall outfit. But just like the previous skirt, it can go from summer to fall (and winter of course)!

To prove my point, I made a short video showing how to wear the very same skirt both for a summer outfit and how to transit it to a fall outfit:

Talking about fall, here’s another fall outfit I was wearing while visiting a lovely place at the Prosecco hills a couple of weekends ago with the same brown/ tan pleated mini skirt from the previous video:

Brown skirt outfit - skirt  Femme Luxe Finery
Cardigan: Dresslily | Tan pleated skirt: Femme Luxe Finery | Necklace: Monili di Legno | Ring: APM Monaco | Boots: Nakd Fashion

I’m completely in the mood of brown and beige lately, it’s such a beautiful and elegant combination that also makes a fall/winter outfit feel happier to me. Styling it with a big hat will also make it a good outfit for summer.

Another thing that I’m loving is wearing this pleated skirt with high boots, which make it a warm outfit even if you’re wearing a skirt. I also did a video outfit with this look in another stunning location:

I did this short video outfit with this lovely fall outfit while visiting the outside of the Villa Maser here in Italy, it’s situated in Veneto (the region from where my family comes from and where I first lived here in Italy 💖) and it’s an UNESCO patrimony. Such a beautiful place required a beautiful outfit as well, right? By the way, if you’re ever in the area, it’s worth to visit it.

Well, I think by now it’s very clear how this brown skirt is definitely a key piece of my wardrobe for this fall season, one of my favourite pieces I got this season! It goes perfectly with so many colors and styles.

Last, but not least, there’s this white bodycon dress, a sexy white dress that is perfect on its own during the summer, but that adding a heavy coat is always great for going out in the fall and winter seasons. I love versatile clothes that can be worn all year round, it gives you so many possibilities to create incredible outfits all the time.

White body con dress - Femme Luxe
White bodycon dress: Femme Luxe Finery | Coat: Dresslily | Necklace: Fanci Fine Jewellery

Since it’s already quite cold here in Milan, whenever wearing a dress, a coat is mandatory already. To create a trendy outfit I decided to style this white mini dress with this long military green coat that is super cosy. Being a long coat, it will make it a warm outfit that’s even fall-proof!

What are you favourite items that can go from summer to fall?

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