Bohemian Wardrobe Must-Haves

Manu Luize
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The Bohemian style is all about funky patterns, whimsical, floaty fabrics, and artful layering. More than just a fashion trend, it is a way of life and reflects a free-spirited attitude. While the Boho style is among the all-time favorite aesthetics, it can be tricky to pull off. 

Here’s the guide to the six must-have items for a boho-chic wardrobe. 

  1. Headwraps and Hairbands
Boho Headwraps and Hairbands

Headgear is the fashion accessory from the 60s and is making a remarkable comeback. These wrap hairbands are the inexpensive solution to glam up any outfit. Wrap a hairband across your forehead to add a chic bohemian vibe. Straight or wavy, this trend looks good on both with the advantage of keeping hair away from the face.

2. Boho Jewelry

Boho jewelry

Colorful pearls and stones are the perfect pieces to invest in if you want an effortless boho look. Mix and match bohemian-inspired jewels with any attire embellished with tassels and fringes to add an immediate charm to your personality while keeping things subtle and balanced.

  1. Slouchy Knit Cardigans

Cardigans and sweaters are winter staples to deal with the freezing temperatures and gusty winds. However, you should opt for slouchy knits with lacy or crochet details to achieve a bohemian flair. These make great layering pieces and are light enough to wear during fall and winter. Pair them with bell-bottoms and high-heeled pair of ankle boots to add a dramatic bohemian appeal to the overall appearance. 

4. Leather Sandals

Boho sandals outfit

Boho leather sandals are a boho classic. They are summery and light yet look polished and fashionable. Look for styles that are easy to slip on and off for maximum versatility. Invest in the strappy lace-up sandals to make a style statement. These look perfect with flowy, off-shoulder tops and denim shorts. 

Birkenstocks are indeed a godsend. Not just are they incredibly comfortable, but they look amazing with boho wears and last forever. 

  1. Fedora Hats

Own a basic black Fedora hat and add a Bohemian flair to fall and winter outfits. It can make all the difference to your fashion style while looking attractive and desirable. This hat can be styled with most outfits and spice up your overall image in no time. It’s both practical and fashionable to have a fedora in your closet at all times. Pair the hat with ripped black skinny jeans, a slouchy cardigan, and pointed-toe mules to lift your look instantly. 

  1. Loose tanks and crop tops

Strappy and loose crop and tank tops are a must-have for any Bohemian wardrobe. While crop tops look bold and trendy, loose cami tanks are ideal for those who prefer belly button coverage. Consider embroidered tops and colorful prints to add retro or whimsical vibes to your personality. These boldly printed tops and tanks look fabulous with earthy jewels, flared jeans, and platform heels. However, if rich, bright prints and patterns aren’t your taste, go for the basic white crop top and style it with frayed denim cutoffs. You can also wear these tops with a maxi skirt and pair them with a scarf, leather sandals, and sunglasses. Layer the ensemble with pearls jewelry to add a boho appeal. 

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