3 Winter Outfits to feel chic and cosy

Manu Luize
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I really like winter outfits, specially when they can be chic and cosy at the same time! So I styled 3 different winter outfits for this season that can be chic with two jumpsuits and a chic and casual outfit with a warm jumper.

By now I think if you know me, you know I LOVE chic outfits, whenever I can dress up, I definitely do it and my casual outfits are always a little casual chic, so it’s no surprise that I love to create a chic vibe no matter what is the item I’m wearing.

During the winter I absolutely love jumpers! Especially when it’s a cosy and warm ski jumper! So my first outfit inspiration for you today is with this lovely green oversized jumper, which is super cosy and can be styled in a very casual way with a pair of jeans, but also with some elegant trousers for a chic vibe. And by now, you already know the last was my choice. 😉

Green jumper for winter outfits - Manu Luize

I love how an oversized jumper can be so cosy, when wearing it like in the photo above, it’s great for a casual vibe, that will also be a perfect match for a pair of jeans. But if you want to make it a casual chic outfit, you can simply fold the bottom of the jumper and wear it with black trousers. That will easily elevate your look making it great as an office outfit:

Green jumper and black trouser by Femme Luxe Finery
Green oversized jumper and black trousers: Femme Luxe Finery | Earrings: APM Monaco | Shoes: Asos

Now it’s time to get a lovely chic vibe with casual jumpsuits because when you love a piece and wear it a lot, you have to have it in all colours you love, right? Well, that’s what happened when I saw this asymmetrical jumpsuit, I fell in love with the new colours in mauve and emerald green.

I actually already had this amazing jumpsuit in black and red (check my blog post on jumpsuits for women here) and since it’s so versatile that you can wear it not only on casual occasions but also on special occasions like events and dinners, I couldn’t resist the two new beautiful colours!

Emerald green jumpsuit - Manu Luize

So my first choice of the jumpsuit was this stunning emerald green jumpsuit! This colour is so chic and timeless, it’s one of those pieces you buy and can wear many times for years in the future. It also goes well for so many occasions. And I love a timeless piece!

For this outfit, since I love to make it more elegant, again high heels and some elegant earrings to make it fancier:

Emerald green jumpsuit by Femme Luxe Finery

This is definitely an outfit I will be wearing to go out for dinner or hopefully for going out in general, hoping this year all will be back to normal. So we can go back to dress fancy all the time for many different occasions.

As I mentioned, this model is so chic that you can also choose it as jumpsuits for weddings for not very formal ceremonies. As a minimalist outfit that is chic, you can change the fabric belt for a beautiful crystal belt and wear killing heels and stunning jewelry to take it to the next level, and make it a party outfit!

I’m just in the process of moving out, so I have no idea where my shinning belts are since I have some things in the old house and some already at the new house, so I couldn’t do the photo white a more party belt here, but be sure that will definitely make your outfit look more like a special occasion outfit.

Mauve jumpsuit - Manu Luize

Something great about this mauve jumpsuit is that since it’s a beautiful pastel colour, it can be worn both as a winter outfit and a spring/summer outfit. This colour is super versatile and I always consider it a great positive point for clothing. Since the more versatile a piece is, the more you can wear it.

Beautiful long earrings in crystals or zirconia are great to style your jumpsuit for a more elegant look like I did with this mauve outfit below:

Manu Luize - Mauve jumpsuit
Mauve jumpsuit: Femme Luxe Finery | Earrings and ring: APM Monaco

What was your favourite winter outfit from the 3 fits above?

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