47 Stunning Easy Nail Art Designs (with tutorials)

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Easy nail art designs blog posts are always a big hit here on the blog, so now I’ve picked 47 easy and simple nails to inspire you! Sometimes we think that because a nail has some nail art it can be complicated to recreate it at home, but the truth is that there are simple easy nail art ideas to do at home for beginners that don’t require any skill and are quick to get it done

French blue nails

Sometimes we just need a step-by-step tutorial to be able to make beautiful and easy nail designs at home. Proof is that even myself, before: every attempt to do my nails was frustrating, they were always a mess! Now I’ve gotten better and I even published nail art tutorials myself on my Youtube channel! Practice makes perfect: just try and practice it, and everyone will be able to get it done too! And nothing better than starting to practice with simple nail designs that are easy to do at home.

Unhas decoradas vermelhas e rosa

I’ve chosen 47 easy nail art photos to inspire you to choose beautiful and simple nail designs, but in addition to the photos, I’ve also found several tutorials to help you get the job done! Now no one has an excuse that they don’t know how to do their nails! Just follow the easy nails step by step! And if you don’t get it right the first time, no problem, we’ve all been there. 😉 Try to start with the simple nails and progress to the more complex ones.
I divided these simple nail designs into 3 categories of nails: very easy nails, nails that are easy but you need a little more time to recreate them, and, finally, a category of easy nail designs for whom, or for when you have time and you’re in the mood of something easy but a little bit more elaborated. Now you can dive into the easy nail art designs below!

Easy Nails: super easy and simple nails

Unhas vermelhas decoradas

This first category: they are the ones that are the simplest and fastest nails to do, like very very easy nails. They are simple nail art for beginners without tools, that don’t require much time to do the nails, the kind of easy nails to do at home.
For the first one in this category, the photo above, you just paint your nails with the color that will be your background nail color and use those striping nail tapes (as I used in this striped nail tutorial) to divide the nail and paint the second color. If you have more practice and skill, you can make the second color of nail polish freehand yourself, just with the nail polish brush. It’s similar to a classic french manicure with a twist.

Striped nail art: it’s super easy to do alone and you don’t need to know how to draw anything! It’s kind of the lazy-girl striped nail art! Check out the video tutorial with the step by step for these easy nail idea that teaches you how to make striped nails in the easiest way in the world (the video is not in English, but it’s very intuitive to follow):

Here’s another easy nail idea in pastel colors that turned out super delicate! Remember that you can always change the nail polish color of any of the nail designs here and make your own combinations according to the season or your mood of the day.

One tip when doing any nail art with the nail adhesive tapes, or even if you are going to improvise with an office transparent tape: wait for the nail polish to dry completely! In this way, when it’s really dry, you don’t run the risk of “taking off a piece” of the nail polish, or even if you stick the tape in the wrong place, you can easily remove it and stick it back in the right place without problems of smudging or damaging your nails.

And here’s another nail design tutorial for easy nails:

And here’s another easy nail art step-by-step tutorial that also uses striping tapes, using them is the most practical way to make simple designs, especially the very easy designs for when you don’t have much time and still want to do something different.

This is a modern and geometric nail style, that remind me of the trend called negative space.

Tip: A white nail polish is always a great color to have, for when you want to create a fun or classy nail design.

Easy Nail Designs: Easy nails for when you Have Time to do them!

In this other category, this kind of nail art is still simple and they are still easy nail designs, but they are for that day when you already have a little more time and patience to do your easy manicure. They are simple nail ideas, but they require a little more work.
The nail tutorial above is from the blog pshiiit.com, which always has beautiful pictures, amazing nail art ideas, and super easy nail tutorials to follow. From colorful to black nail ideas, choose your favorite ones!

You can do the polka dots on the nails with a dotting tool or for those who don’t have it: you can simply use a bobby pin, do you know that part that has a ball at the end? Just use it. 😉

The polka dots can be made again with the dotting tool or using the tip of a bobby pin or the nail stick, with that back part of the “toothpick”, by the way, a toothpick will work too.

And here’s the tutorial of the nails in the photo above:

Here’s a super cute spring nail idea and easy to do at home: strawberry nail art. A tip for those who don’t want to get all nails with nail art is to choose just one or two nails for the nail art, while all the others can remain with only one nail polish color. In this way, you can create a chic nail art look.

Easy nail art designs for when you have time and patience

The last category of easy and simple nail art is for that day when you have more time for your manicure and you’re willing to make stunning simple nail art, but that can have more elements to it and, therefore, you will need more time to get your manicure done.

When you look at these chessboard nails and think it’s super difficult and takes a lot of time, think twice! It’s actually very easy with the help of striping tapes to decorate your nails, check this easy nail tutorial:

If you love the pink vibes, you can also check out 55+ Pink Spring Nails to try this season with many ideas and designs that you will love!

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