The coolest watch ever (Amuda Watch Review)

Manu Luize
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Do you know that super cool and different kind of item? I’ve got a watch that changes color according to the time and I’m loving it! It’s an Amuda Watch, check out my review on the coolest watch I’ve ever got and understand how it changes its colors.

So how does this watch change color?
Amuda Watch Review - Manu Luize
It even looks like a normal and super cute watch with a colorful background, but in fact, it’s even cooler because as the minutes and hours go by, the clock background changes color.
Look how it was in some different times:
Amuda Watch Review
By the way, this photo I took at the top of San Marino, a micro European state that is in the middle of Italy and it is a super charming place, so this was one of the sights of the city.
And another picture of Amuda Watch’s watch in San Marino at another time, showing some new colors in the background:
Amuda Watch Review
Besides being a beautiful minimalist and stylish watch, it is the most fun watch I’d ever had and I LOVED it because it changes color and every time it’s a little different. I can not resist cool and fun accessories.
Every time I wear it, someone wants to know more about it and loves to see the new background colors from time to time.
But besides being a cool accessory, something that I think is even cooler is that from every watch sold, U$ 2 will be donated to the Happy Hippie Foundation, which is an NGO founded by singer Miley Cyrus and whose mission is to fight injustices against homeless young, young people from the LGBTQ community and other vulnerable populations.
And the watch costs U$ 15, with free shipping worldwide, and it’s available like mine with the caramel bracelet or black bracelet, you can buy it here:

[ Update: I noticed the watch, unfortunately, is no longer available by that brand, apparently the brand no longer exists 🙁 So I found some similar options for you:

Watch that change color

• Similar watches: Paidu Watch $ 9.49 , another seller: Watch that change color $10.82. ]
I love to match this watch with more dress-up looks or even more basic outfits because it is very versatile and it goes well with both kinds of outfits.
Amuda Watch Review

photo: Fenton Savastano (photoarkive)

* I received this watch from the brand, however, the reviews written here are my actual opinions on my use of the product.

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