Chiara Ferragni Collection: Spring 2018 #MFW

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The new Chiara Ferragni Collection Spring/Summer 2018 collection was one of the collections that I checked during the Milan Fashion Week (S/S 2018), as it’s just as we expected: full of joy, glitter, and cool pieces!

Chiara Ferragni Collection - Spring 2018 MFW
photos: @SLS.Assessoria

• Chiara Ferragni S/S 2018 – MFW:

The new collection of Chiara Ferragni Collection for Spring / Summer 2018 was called Chiara’s Suite and it brings accessories and some casual clothes with glitter, a lot of shine that is already a trademark of the brand, and details with palm trees that bring that summer and vacation feeling to this collection.
Chiara Ferragni Collection - MFW Manu Luize
Sweatshirts and bomber jackets are part of the new collection of Chiara Ferragni Collection together with casual accessories like the many different sneakers in the new collection:
Chiara Ferragni Collection Spring 2018
Here is a photo with Valentina Ferragni at the presentation of the Chiara Ferragni Collection Spring / Summer 2018 collection during the last Milan Fashion Week:
Valentina Ferragni - MFW S/S 2018
On the more feminine styles for shoes: models of mules, boots, and slippers bring the logo of the brand stamped and shining. But it’s not only on the shoes but also on some pieces of clothing and on some backpacks:
Chiara Ferragni Collection - SS 2018
Chiara Ferragni Collection - SS 2018

photos: @SLS.Assessoria

Chiara Ferragni Collection SS 2018
The new Spring/Summer collection brings a great variety of models without heels and on a more casual line than we had seen in the the previous season (check here the Chiara Ferragni Collection Fall 2017.18 presentation):
Sneaker Chiara Ferragni Collection

Glitter Shoes Chiara Ferragni Collection
Chiara Ferragni Collection 2018
Chiara Ferragni Collection sneakers
Chiara Ferragni Collection - Spring 2018

Chiara Suites - MFW
Sweatshirts, trousers, and pieces that make a more sportive and even minimal line are part of this new collection:
Ferragni Collection

fotos: @SLS.Assessoria

Where to find the new collection of the Chiara Ferragni Collection? Find it all here:

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